Friday, February 26, 2010


R's post about that lovely book from Urban, which reiterates the fact that we're all a little nuts, reminded me of a book I heard about while on vacation last week! I was pouring myself a bowl of cereal when i heard one of my cousins relentlessly laughing. What could be so funny, so early in the morning? I glanced over to the TV, and instantly I was hooked. It was the Rachel Ray Show, and Dr. Anish Sheth was on, promoting the book he co-authored, "What's My Pee Telling Me?," a sequel to "What's Your Poo Telling You?."

At age 23, you would think I wouldn't be so excited to watch a segment on TV about urine, but nevertheless, I was. Naturally, once I got back to the office from my week escape, I googled the book (in addition to cluttering my 14 year old cousin's facebook wall with quotes from the show---real mature, I know). My Google search brought me to the books' website appropriate, right!? After perusing the site, I truly might by both books in the collection. Not only is the information interesting, but they're presented in a hilarious manner, and accompanied by some equally humorous pictures and captions.

A few excerpts from the books' website....

-"Too often dismissed as useless and malodorous waste, poo has struggle since the dawn of time to receive the respect it deserves." DUH.

-"By far the most famous of pee fragrances is asparagus aroma. This foul, eggy odor results from the release of sulfur-containing compounds during asparagus digestion." Ahhhh so THAT'S what that comes from....

-"Driblets: If you're a frequent flusher with fruity-smelling urine, you may want to get tested for diabetes."

-"Vitamin Water: When you experience Vitamin Water pee, you may start to wonder if your diet has included antifreeze or highlighter ink." ....there are some people that I would actually question as to whether or not they did indeed consume these items on purpose, to make their pee turn colors.

-"Poo-nami: Diaper technology has improved over the decades, but there has yet to come an innovation that can suppress the Poo-nami. While most baby poos can be contained by a diaper, there are instances when nothing can stop to poo from exploding beyond the confines of a diaper, up the baby's back, and down his or her legs. Dealing with the Poo-namis is just one of the many challenges of parenthood." WOOF.

"Crop Dusting: Crop Dusting is executed by precisely synchronizing fatal release with a brisk walk in the vicinity of a group of unsuspecting, distracted individuals, there-by leaving the abhorrent aroma in your wake." I know far too many jerks that have mastered this act. Assholes.

I will stop here so that you all go buy the books too! (or at least check out the website!). Watch the vid on the Rachel Ray website! The most important thing I took away from it is that your pee should be the color of pale lemonade! (Seriously, I have thought about that every single time I have urinated since February 17th. Really gives ya something to think about!).



We're All Neurotic.

I love browsing the book section at Urban Outfitters. My all-time favorite one to read in the store is i am neurotic (and so are you). This book is HIGHlarious. It s basically confessions about people's weird OCD tendancies. It's funny because when I read it, there are definitely compulsions that I totally relate to. There's also a website for people to add their own tendancies, and here are a few OCD highlights from that - I bet you'll relate to some too. . .:

I can only bite a Triscuit if my teeth are aligned with the direction of the grains on the cracker.

Every time I go by something I touch it, I have to touch it for the amount of times that I am old. For example, if I poke a wall, and I’m currently 20 years old, I have to poke it 20 times. And if by some coincidence I miss one, I have to star over until I have touched it 20 times in a row.

When I eat colored candies (Skittles, M&Ms, etc.) I have to eat the red candies first because they’re my least favorite and I have to make sure the last candy in the bag isn’t red. Otherwise I have to get another bag so I can eat a “good” color and get the red taste out of my mouth.

I count letters everywhere: a=1, b=2, c=3, etc, up until the letter f. I stop at f because that’s the highest that I can count quickly.

When walking up a flight of stairs, I have to begin with my right foot and end at the top with my left foot. As I approach the top of the stairs, and can see that I will end with my right foot, I will skip a step to ensure it is my left foot finishing.

If I am writing and I dot an i, if it’s not obviously visible, I have to go back and re-dot it.

When I’m on the elliptical trainer at the gym, the rate of incline and the resistance have to match. They also have to be on even numbers.

When I walk over a bridge, I have to hold on really tight to my belongings because I fear I might throw them off.

If I drive in the rain, then park and turn the engine off, and my windshield wipers are frozen halfway across my windshield, I must restart my car again just to put them where they belong.

When I brush my teeth I count each stroke; if I do not do this my family will die.



Thursday, February 25, 2010


Reality TV. It is truly a love/hate relationship. I love to watch it, but I hate to admit it. My newest reality TV obsession has been American Idol (I know, I'm roughly 9 seasons late to become obsessed with the show that has the rest of America on their couches 2-3 nights a week). I have dabbled in watching it in the past (mainly because my mom and brother have been addicted from the get-go), but only this season have I truly acquired an appreciation for the show! This is just a hunch, but it might have something to do with the fact that ELLEN is the newest judge...?? Seriously, she's hilarious. And you can totally tell that she loves what she is doing up there!

Last night was the guys' turn to show America what they've got, and to be honest, I was NOT impressed. The girls really rocked it the night before, but I expected more from the male contestants! I did, however, change my mind when the last two contestants took the stage. Casey James, contestant 11, really exceeded expectations (and may or may not have given Kara the big O on stage...AWKward!).

But by far, my absolute FAVORITE contestant of the show, is Andrew Garcia! From his initial audition, where he sang "Sunday Morning" by Maroon 5, up to his rendition of Paula Abdul's "Straight Up," he has had me hooked. And last night he rocked the stage with Fall Out Boy's "Sugar We're Going Down." When the episode ended, my roomies and I weren't satisfied enough, and spent the next 45 minutes watching videos of him and a variety of his (almost as) talented friends having jam sessions to a variety of songs (and medleys!)!

My favorite? The Michael Jackson Medley with Andrew and his friend (?) Cathy Nguyen! The best part (aside from his beautiful voice) is the little kid jumping around in the background!

Oh, and FYI: I may like AI, but I do not, by ANY means, like Ryan Seacrest. Total D-bag.



click, drool, repeat.

Courtesy of my saster, CP - enjoy. Food Porn Daily.



Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Forever Young

In an ideal world, I would be young FOREVER. I don't mean one particular age, but I just don't want to get old. I think of this every time I see an old man crossing the street at the speed of a snail--(NYC traffic stops for nobody. Pick up the pace old man.)! I do realize that growing old is a part of life, but there are some portions of that right of passage that I would like to refrain from being applied to MY life. On top of the obvious things I would rather not happen to me (ending up in a wheel chair, losing control of my bowel movements, being put in a nursing home to live with my 25 cats--you know, typical old people things), I do NOT want to lose my sight.

Obviously nobody wants to lose their sight, but age related sight loss could possibly be one of the most annoying things that could happen! My grandma, Nana P, has Macular Degeneration, and I am reminded of that every time I call her house! This is where your central vision is eventually destroyed and you become virtually blind. Now normally one would react poorly to this diagnosis, but Nana P has been a TROOPER (and so have her grand-daughters that have helped her deal with it--if i do say so myself)!

With a loss of vision, comes lots of new gadgets! Every time I go to visit Nana P, she has a new Big Print, Talking item in the house! This morning it was brought to my attention that Nana P needed "Talking Caller ID." I gave her a ring to find out the details, and while I was on the phone, asked her if I could call her right back (bad connection). Thanks to the MD she is rocking in her eyes, she wasn't able to see that she didn't hang the phone up all the way, and now I am unable to reach her. (Also typical old lady move, she doesn't have call waiting--she grew up during the Depression, guess I can't blame her!). While I have been calling her every 10-15 minutes the last 4 hours, I have also been browsing the internet for new Visual Impairment Aids! Here are some of the highlights (most of wish Nana P already owns)...

Nana P is a card shark. She has an entire drawer filled with the Hoyles Super Jumbo Bridge Deck...

Good news! R and I can keep up our Scrabble addiction in our old age, with the Low Vision Large Print Scrabble Tiles!!!!

This one is my personal fave! The Superior Bathroom Talking Scale! Nana P got this for Christmas one year, and it now resides in her dining room. (In case she wants to weigh herself after dinner?). I cannot think of anything more terrifying than stepping on a scale and having it yell out your weight in a "clear, audible voice." S and I were both too nervous to hear our post-holiday season weights out loud, so we threw the dog on it! Scuddles weighed a mere 18 pounds, and the entire house knew it! If there is ever a point in my life where I can't see anything, I'm going to say 'fuck it' and not care about how much I weigh. I won't be able to see my protruding saggy skinned belly anyways!

And in case you're not depressed enough about your age, Old Maid-Brailled!!!!! Perhaps a gift for Nana P!?

R wears glasses sometimes (and can't handle contacts), so I truly hope she is not cursed with this problem in her old age! Good luck, R!



COTPG Swimsuit Issue

It is officially swimsuit season. With C heading to St. Thomas in a mere 8 days (!), and me to Boca Grande in 23, it is seriously time to buckle down and find a fab swim suit for vacay.

I started my hunt for the perfect Spring Break suit a few weeks ago and ordered this scalloped suit in antique violet from J.Crew.

As you know, J.Crew typically is my go-to for my entire wardrobe, and swin suits are no different. . .except in this case. I tried this on when I received it in the mail and oh my gosh! It looked hideous on me! I even brought my roomate, E into my bedroom to take a look at how unflattering this suit was on my body. In the photo on J.Crew's website, the scallops look cute against her bikini line. Not when you actually put it on (at least on me)! The scallops got all scrunched up and kind of cut into my leg, making my thighs look like they were suffocating in the bathing suit bottoms - not a good look. Ugh and don't even get me started on the top. I don't have huge rack or anything, but the way the suit is cut made me look like I was spilling out of it! Woof. I have to say, this is the first time J.Crew really led me astray. Alas, in the 12 years that I have been wearing the J, it was bound to happen at some point. . .
I will not give up on J.Crew suits forever becuse of this mishap! Look at this super cute Thicket Floral suit - I love it! I am really loving all things purple right now, so this will fit right in!

You really never can go wrong with a Lilly suit. . .like this Boardwalk Bikini. Though I think I'd get it in Turquoise Lock Me Up.

Victoria's Secret is one place that I have never bought a bathing suit from, but I have a few friends who swear by their swim line. I browsed their 500+ (!!!) suits last night, and this Beach Sexy Bandeau Top and Cheeky Bottom was definitely my favorite. The mismatch top and bottom is fun and perfect for Kadima on the beach!

Looks like I have a little online shopping to do today - my favorite!



Tuesday, February 23, 2010

R Speaks the Truth!

What R says is true...we still rock the flare. I WAS going to share a photo of the two of us at our friends NYE pregame festivities (ie; a bunch of girls sitting around wearing black dresses and gold flare on their heads, playing 'Never Have I Ever' only to realize we know everything about one another...), but for anonymity's sake, I decided to continue to let your imagination(s) run wild. We wouldn't want our bosses finding out THIS is what we do at work all day!

And this April, as R mentioned, is one of our bff CMac's big 2-5! CMac is one of the biggest Lilly P enthusiasts I have ever met, and thus is having a Lilly P themed party.... What better way to celebrate her quarter century than with some flare...Lilly flare! (Since this IS such a big birthday, I think it is an appropriate time to graduate from the $1.99 flare from Party City to the big kid stuff---found in the little kids section)

CMac will appropriately be donning one of Lilly's Princess Crown's (and will love every minute of it)...

....while the rest of us can rock the Guest Crown! (Don't want to steal the spotlight from the birthday girl!)



Stars & Headdresses.

In college, our friends loved to put on some "flare" to go out. Extremely weird, but our favorite thing was to put little star stickers on the side of one of our eyes and wear star garland as headdresses. (Wow, putting our "look" into writing makes us sound like freaks. . .I swear we were cool.)

What started out as a random accessory to a theme party turned into a full-blown uniform for going out. And the trend stuck! I am proud to say that when I look at Facebook pics of my younger friends who are still at our Midwest college, they are STILL rocking the look! Apparently, we're trendsetters. I also have to admit that when 10 of us got together for New Years in DC this year, we donned our best headdresses and stars for the big night. . .

Speaking of flare - I love this website - They have funky and weird accessories that are just great (and as crazy as they are, I've contemplated buying a few items). Look at these PB&J earrings! I would never wear them (ever.) but they are kinda cute!

On the other hand, I actually would wear these Mini Elephant Earrings. Adorbs!

I get a kick out of these every time. Bahaha.

Who needs a new pair of fingerless gloves?

And finally, this one's for you, C.



Hooked on Organization!

I have spent the entire day organizing my office. This entails taking everything that has been piling up on various co-workers desks for the last 6-12 months, and filing it, scanning it, or tossing it (my favorite option!). While this has been fun (really, I do love to organize things), I would MUCH rather be organizing my bedroom! I have yet to unpack from my ski trip--oops!--so I currently have piles of clothes on my desk, tioletry bags sitting on my dresser, and a very large empty suitcase in the middle of my floor!
Keeping this mess in mind, and procrastinating from cleaning up the mess at the office, I have been thinking a lot about a gift I received as a house-warming present from a friend! My apartment is inspired mainly by some curtains I found at Anthro, and my friend, E, accordingly purchased me this "C" Alphabet Hook to put in my room! To be honest, I didn't hang it for at LEAST a year. I didn't really know what to do with it when I received it, and only recently thought of the greatest use! I hung it to the right of my dresser mirror, and now hang my long necklaces from it! I have always had issues storing these things, and thought that this was a great use for the hook! Only problem is, I have too many necklaces to fit on just the "C." Looks like I will have to make a trip to Anthro and purchase myself the "D" and "W" hooks! (Not to mention, I LOVE monograms, and this will totally complete that concept!) I guess while I'm there, I should probs just purchase myself the "Leading Role" dress from my Color me Coral post!



Monday, February 22, 2010

40 days and 40 nights.

When I was in college I gave up bagels for lent. This was VERY difficult, seeing that I was a senior, and at least 4 out of 7 days a week I was hungover...and the only cure to my hangovers was an everything bagel with herb cream cheese accompanied by a Milky Way Latte, both from River Road Coffeehouse (and I wondered why I gained the freshman 15 AGAIN as a senior...)! While I didn't think I would make it more than a week with this Lenten semi-fast, I succeeded the entire 40 days and 40 nights! Not only did I make it from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday without eating bagels, but I nearly stopped eating them all together!

Now if that would only happen with my Lenten sacrafice this year...Ice Cream. It is the bane of my existence. And I have given it up both last year and this year....not so successful in the post-Easter time period, but I am hoping that it will stick a bit more this year! Wish me luck!



The Gift That Gives Back!

The best part about giving someone concert/sports tickets as a present is that you reap the benefits! I gave P tickets to Jack's Mannequin/fun. for Christmas - and I'm going with him! The concert is tonight at the House of Blues and I am pumped!

Most of you have probably heard of Jack's Mannequin ("The Mixed Tape," "Holiday from Real," "I'm Ready," "The Resolution"), but fun. is a little less known.

fun. (yes, that's really how they spell it - lower case with a period at the end - i like it.) formed when The Format broke up. Nate, the former lead singer of The Format, is now the lead singer of fun.

Their first album, "Aim and Ignite" has some great tracks - "All The Pretty Girls," "The Gambler" and "Barlights" are a few of my favs. Check them out!



Color me Coral!

In honor of the warm(ish) weather that has temporarily hit NYC, and "Spring Break" just around the corner, (and getting my ski vacation out of my mind), I have reinstated my search for a bright, fun, Spring wardrobe! I have decided that my color for the Spring is CORAL! Every store has one or two items in the color, and it really POPS when i see it! Not to mention, it goes with almost everything I wear in the Spring (navy and white!)! Here are a few of my favorites....

I fell in LOVE with this Trina Turk "Aint Misbehavin" lace dress this weekend. So cheery! And only $268.00! Scope it on the bloomies website!

I know that R has already informed you of her love for some of the items in the Kate Spade spring line, but I NEED these Bow Flats. $198.00. Might have to wait for them to go on sale...although, I know I don't have the patience for that! Anybody feeling generous?!

Affordable. Affordable. Affordable. I saw this Leading Role Dress while browsing the Anthro website. Only $98.00! And I can wear it to work! Add to Cart!

Lastly, I have had my eye on this Kenneth Jay Lane cuff on Shopbop for quite some time. Even though it isn't coral in color, it falls into the same category! And I just purchased it! On sale for $54.00! Ladies-get it while you can! Only 2 more in stock after my purchase this afternoon!

What's your spring color?!



Thursday, February 18, 2010

Homeward Bound!

R-Do not worry. I am headed home. Sorry for going off the grid for so long! After 5 days of skiing, I decided I had not had enough time on the slopes, and stayed a few extra days. I'm practically training to be on the 2014 US Olympic Ski Team. Sorry to everyone for being so MIA. I am currently on the plane on my way home, and will be back in action at work tomorrow!



Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dream Come True

My life has turned into an "Office" episode. I received this email today:

Back by popular demand, we are going to reinstitute the "Get Ready for Spring Break Contest" or otherwise known as [Name of R's Company]'s Biggest Loser Competition. Here are the contest rules. Send an email that you are in. It costs $10 to enter. Get weighed in by end of day on Friday, Feb. 19. You don't have to strip down but shoes and extra layers of clothing need to be off and pockets need to be empty. No keys, coins, wallets in the pocket. You are on the honor system. We will have a mid point weigh-in on March 5 to see how we are doing. There are two ways to win. Most pounds off and greatest % of body weight loss. There are only four weeks to spring break -- I know it seems an entirety. But hopefully this will be fun and keep reminding you that you are in training for a wonderful restful two weeks off. So bring it on!!!

Remember The Office's "Weight Loss" episode?! Where the Scranton branch is competing against all other Dunder Mifflin branches for who can lose the most weight? Well, it is one of my favorites because a.) Jim proposes to Pam (!!!) and b.) Kelly passes out before a weigh-in.

I am an extremely competitive person, so I am SO ready for this. Just had my initial weigh-in! Hahah. I am really only excited for this because I am hoping life imitates art (or in this case, The Office), and this whole Biggest Loser thing will bring out the best (or worst), in my colleagues.

Sidenote: I am beyond obsessed with The Office. I swear, no matter what time of day, I have the uncanny ability to find an episode of The Office on TV. I believe it is because of my sheer love of the show, but it could also be blamed on TBS.



Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I miss C. GChat separation anxiety for realzzz.



Brussel Sprouts & Bacon

I had to wake up early on Sunday morning, so I decided to take it easy on Satruday night. P and I made dinner and watched a movie ("Charlie Wilson's War" in honor of Charlie Wilson's recent passing and P's personal fav). As you know, I am kind of on a cooking kick, so I flipped through my Real Simple Easy, Delicious Meals cookbook and found something that tickled my fancy - Sautéed Brussels Sprouts With Bacon and Golden Raisins. Ew, except the golden raisins part, that sounded kinda nast. To accompany this delish dish, I made garlic chicken and Trader Joe's Harvest Grains, which is a combination of Israeli couscous, orzo, dried garbanzo beans and quinoa.

Dinner was great - but brussel sprouts were especially awesome - I mean, who doesn't love anything with bacon?! I swear, even if you claim you "don't like" brussel sprouts (which, by the way, is a total cop-out because most people who say they don't like them has never even tried them - or has only had them steamed), honestly, you will love these. This Real Simple cookbook has really come in handy - I am excited to try even more recipes from it (and share them - duh).



I kind of liked Gia. . .

Welp. Last night's Bachelor was such a yawn-fest. Seriously. No scandalous scenes at all - unless you count Vienna changing into a nightie and closing the bedroom door as she (unsuccessfully) looks at the camera sexily and Tenley deciding she is over her ex (yeah right) and is ready for the Fantasy Suite with Jake. But I don't count those because neither was surprising - of course Vienna was going to bang Jake and Tenley was going to give it up (again) because she's in competition with the big V and a swimsuit model (Gia).

So, Gia got booted (not surprising), but I kinda was just starting to like her. In the beginning of the show, I was a huge Ali and Tenley fan. As we all know, Ali left Jake to go back to her job at Facebook. As for Tenley, her weird and extremely awkward dance for Jake last week that legit made me cover my eyes was the final straw with her. I think she's a cute girl, but ohhhh man, that was unbearable to watch, and therefore Tenley went down a significant amount in my book.

I have a theory - Ali is totes the next Bachelorette. Why would they have her call Jake last night to come back if his answer was going to be no? It's definitely because they want to keep Ali on people's minds for when The Bachelorette season comes around - she's totally the fan favorite. I am actually really glad that Ali left because Jake is soooOOOooo boring. You know what, I hope the internet rumors are true and he really does pick Vienna. Jake kind of sucks.



Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Happy!


To C, P, my sisters, my parents and all our family and friends.




Thursday, February 11, 2010

Utah bound

This time tomorrow, I will be skiing (or rolling) down the slopes of Deer Valley! I'm really thinking I might be headed more towards the motion of rolling, rather than your typical ski form. I keep saying that I haven't been skiing since the 10th grade, but this morning I did a little calculation, and realized that 10th grade was 8 years ago! EIGHT!?! Holy balls I'm getting old!

As a bit of a "thank you" to my aunt and uncle that have kindly agreed to putting up with my lack of skill for a week (and for having me at their beautiful home on the top of the mountain), R and I did a bit of brainstorming, and picked out the PERFECT gift for the hostess(es) that have everything! Tervis Tumblers.

R bought each one of our friends a monogrammed Tervis Tumbler for Christmas our senior year of college, and I have been giving them as gifts ever since then! The best part about them is that if you fill up your Tumbler with ice, and then with water, it is still icy in the morning! What better than waking up to an ice cold glass of water to get rid of your dry morning mouth!

I decided to get my hostesses two sets of the "Deer" Tumblers (reppin' Deer Valley), and the other side I personalized, reading "Q WEST," which is what they call their ski home (cough-mansion-cough) out there!

And what better timing did I have! Just checked the Fed-Ex Tracking, and they are scheduled to arrive this evening! I can't wait to use my (their) new Tumblers tonight, and wake up to some ice cold water in the morning!



Wednesday, February 10, 2010


If you work with me, please do not try and make small talk with me today. As a matter of facts, don't even try pausing near my desk. I will ignore you. That is, unless you are coming over to tell me that I can go home.

Until then, please stay away.



Cooking Kick

I'm kind of on a cooking kick. "Kind of" being the key phrase, as it is more like I'm on a "looking through cookbooks and marking the recipes I want to try" kick. Tonight, however, I am taking the hot pink sticky note off one recipe I've had my eye on and actually doing it (for realz). I found it in Real Simple's Easy, Delicious Meals cookbook that I got in my stocking this year (thanks Santa!).

Tonight I'll be making Tortellini With Eggplant and Peppers. I haven't had tortellini in sooo long, so when I stumbled across this, I knew I had to bring it back into my life (kinda like Creamed Chipped Beef?) because cheese tortellini is just so yummy. It also only takes 35 minutes, which is perfect, because I get antsy and cranky when I'm hungry.

Real Simple is my favorite magazine. Ehh, I take that back. It is my favorite non-celeb magazine - I am a sucker for Us Weekly and People.

I love to read their "New Uses for Old Things" - I get so inspired! Olive oil - we're used to making salad dressings and cooking with it, right? But wait! Real Simple says you should also use olive oil to:

- Shave. Olive oil can provide a closer shave when used in place of shaving cream.

- Shine stainless steel. Many cleaning standbys, such as ammonia, can dull and even corrode chrome and stainless steel. Olive oil, however, is a safe and effective shining agent.

- Remove eye makeup. Dab a little under the eyes and rinse off with a washcloth.

- Prevent wax from sticking to a candle holder. Rub a thin coat on the base of the holder before inserting a candle. Dripped wax should peel away easily.

- Care for your pet. Add 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon to your cat’s food to help prevent hair balls.

- Moisturize cuticles. Apply a small amount of olive oil to the nail beds.

- Treat dry skin. Rub a thin layer over the skin after a shower or a waxing.

- Unstick a zipper. Using a Q-tip, apply a drop to lubricate the teeth. (Avoid touching the fabric.) The zipper should move up and down freely.

- Dust wooden furniture. Apply a bit of oil to a cloth and wipe.

- Silence squeaky doors. Lubricate hinges by applying a small dab to a cloth, then wiping the top of the hinges so that the oil runs down the sides.

Wow, I wish I had a subscription to Real Simple. . .



I'm With You, C.

I went to the grocery store at 7:30 a.m. today and bought a bottle of wine for tonight.

It's never too early to start thinking about where the night will go (especially when it's snowing).

Sorry I'm not sorry (too).



it gets better...

As I finished posting my cravings for a pre lunch marg, Neiman Marcus sent me an email inviting me to cocktails.

And Shopbop just informed me that "Cocktail hour has arrived!"

WHAT are these people trying to do to me!?



Thank you Tory B....

...for making me want to be at work less than I already do. Not only is it snowing outside, and 99% of the people I know do not have to work today, but Tory B. decided that THIS morning was a good morning to send out an email blast with a recipe for a Passion Pomegranate Margarita. (In theory, this was wise. Especially since it is an email about Valentine's Day. This way, all those saps that are concerned about the fact that they are spending Valentine's Day alone...or with your 12 year old cousins...can drink their sorrows away).

Those of you that know me, know that I go weak in the knees for Tequila...especially when its masked by the flavor of a margarita's goodness! (Although, Tory-I would make a change to your recipe...Instead of the shaker, throw those wonderful ingredients into a blender. I like me a nice smooth and icy drink!) Last year, I went out to dinner with a big group of friends for Valentine's Day, at Rosa Mexicano, and had my fair share of their completely delectable Frozen Pomegranate Margarita (some might say that I had not only my fair share, but enough for the entire table to feel a little off their rocker).

Anyone that thinks it's a bit too early in the day for me to be thinking so highly of this fabulous drink, I say 'sorry for partying.' Actually...'sorry, I'm not sorry.' Bottoms up, Jose Cuervo!




I am at work. Apparently the world will end if our 11 person office closes for the day. And on top of that, EVERYONE is in the office, and EVERYONE was on time....That hasn't happened since befor Thanksgiving. FML.

Btw, R, glad to hear you are alive.



are you ok???

Apparently there was an earthquake in northern Illinois last night. . .and I heard about this from my friend N in DC who texted me on my way to work - "are you ok???" I had nooo idea what she was talking about and I was racking my brain as to what kind of trouble I had been in lately.

She informed me there was a 4.3 magnitude earthquake just 40 miles from my apartment. WHAT?! Bizzare.



Tuesday, February 9, 2010

and so it begins

It has just begun snowing in the Big Apple. I am really keeping my fingers crossed that this snow continues to the point where I merely am not able to leave my apartment. I got nothing done tonight that I wanted to, and could really use a day of being forced to stay in the APT. In addition, I would like the snow to then stop at an appropriate time, so that I am able to get on my plane on Thursday, and hit the slopes out west. Although, from the sounds of it, I could probs stay on the east coast and have just as much snow as Deer Valley! Anywho, knock on wood....snow day tomorrow?! Too bad this isn't DC, and we do have snow plows, and an underground railroad that functions when the weather is not so good above ground. UGH.

keep ya posted!



Never Have I Ever

I am up to a pack a day. . .eating gummy candy. I just have to have my fix of Haribo Gummy Bears or Trolli Brite Crawlers.

I am not a huge chocolate fan (tends to give me migraines - the worst feeling in the entire worlddd), so these satisfy my pretty large sweet tooth. I keep a pack of Haribos or Brite Crawlers at my desk at all times - helpful for a mid-morning (or 9 a.m.?) pick-me-up.

Well, when I was visiting L in Phila this past weekend, we were finishing up lunch at Marathon Grill and of course I had to cleanse my palate afterwards. I reached into my bag and grabbed a few gummy bears. Naturally, L asked for a few as well, so I reached in an grabbed a couple and dropped them into her hand. I was absolutely flabbergasted when I looked into L's palm and saw this:

NEVER has this EVER occured - exactly five gummies in all five colors. . .?! CRAZY! I know you might be thinking that this happens a lot. But, believe me (the girl who eats approx 6 bags a week), it does not. I sometimes play little games when I'm eating gummies - "I bet I'll get 4 reds and a green" or something, but NEVER have I gotten all five!

Just had to share. Hey, I mean, I took a picture on my phone when it happened. It was a big day for me.



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on the wings of....bullshit.

Something about this season of The Bachelor has really gotten to me. Don't get me wrong, I love me some reality TV, but this show is beyond unrealistic, and way more out there than the previous 13 seasons. (Can you believe this show has honestly been on for that long!?) Last night I went to a friends apt to watch the drama-filled episode. Much to my dismay, I was informed that the episodes were 2 hours long. Clearly I had been spending my Monday nights watching American Idol, and watching The Bachelor on DVR.

I am not usually a huge sceptic when it comes to shows about love (ie; I am a hopeless romantic), but this show, is complete and utter bullshit. That's right, bullshit. There is nothing about this show that makes sense, except maybe for the fact that Jake is a pilot. I'll buy that one.

I mean, SERIOUSLY. I found myself mocking 90% of the diologue, and 100% of the clothing on Vienna (I hope she watched the rose ceremony and realized she should NEVER wear that rouched purple dress again. As a matter of facts, I hope she burned it after last nights episode).

REWIND...and to the beginning for a bit of a reality check.

- Gia. SO cute. I love her. But I just about fell off the couch when her mother started talking. And then when they panned over to her "Pauly D" wannabe brother. And then again when the mom took Gia outside to talk to her about how she really could tell that Jake loved her...she saw it in his body language. Right then and there I blurted out that the mom MUST be a psychic or tarot card reader...and the clips at the end of the show, she is. And Jake totally called her bluff. See ya mamma Gia. There goes your career.

- Ali. Even more adorable that Gia. (In an "I don't have plastic surgery or pose nude" sort of way). But I really just didn't understand the whole taking her to her deceased grandmother's house. Kinda morbid if you ask me. The rest of that hometown visit was relatively realistic. Except, I'm almost wondering if Ali is adopted. She looks NOTHING like her siblings. I would be jealous if I was her sis. Again, maybe thats just me. Regardless, she is absolutely who I wanted to win...
- Tenley. This is where I got REALLY uncomfortable. For starters, I thought her voice was fake. But then it continued. And then to make matters worse, She took Jake to her dance studio. Not just to show the studio to her, but to perform. Just for him. Horrible second hand embarassment. I had goosebumps, and not the good kind. It was like watching a car crash.

- Vienna. I.HATE.HER. (This is the picture I really wanted to use for her, just to further express my hatred for her. I thought I would try and keep it PG). I am sure that my feeling is mutual amongst all viewers across America. All except for Jake apparently. CLEARLY he is out of his element with her. She is a train wreck. I mean, come ON Jake! She ran away from home and got married, just to piss off her dad. Do you really want to be with someone like that?! Oh, and the little hooker is only 23. 23 years old, divorced, and on The Bachelor. Way to go Vienna.

- Now back to the Ali. This may have been the most unrealistic portion of the entire show. So, you sign up to be a contestant on The Bachelor. You know how long the season lasts. You make it through to the last few rounds of the show. Oh, AND you are "in love" with Jake. What in your right mind would stop you from arranging things with your office, so that you could stay on the show? It's not like she went on vacation and met the guy! SHE SIGNED UP FOR THIS! This just completely baffles me. I truly do not understand what went on here. Publicity stunt? Did Chris Harrison make Ali do this? Was it all about the money? The ratings? (I definitely continued watching when I heard that Ali was going to leave).

I could go on and on and on over the way I feel about this show. And to be completely honest, I am going to continue watching it, just so that I can be more and more irritated with the decisions that Jake makes in upcoming episodes. All I have to say is that the spoilers better not be right. Oh, and I can't WAIT til Ali calls Jake in the next episode. What, does she want to come back? Sorry!

I'll be sure to let you know what I think after next Monday's episode.



Monday, February 8, 2010

Creamed Chipped Beef (Seriously.)

Though we were snowed in most of the weekend in Philadelphia (hellooo Rock Band and Sam's Winter Ale!), L and I did venture out into the snowpocolypse to brunch at 10 Arts at the Ritz-Carlton on Broad Street in downtown Philadelphia. And mannn am I glad we did.

This posh spot is home to Top Chef's Jennifer Carroll - you know the cute blonde girl from this past season?

Well, she was my fav (who unfortunately was booted off in one of the later rounds), and is the Chef de Cuisine at this spot in the swanky Ritz hotel lobby (a must-see even if you're not there to dine).

As I mentioned a few days ago, I absolutely love brunch. And this brunch was totally up to par - from the coffee to the clusters of country sausage cooked with sweet maple syrup (not kidding). All the breakfast items on the menu looked delicious, but my eyes were immediately drawn to the Creamed Chipped Beef. "Gross" might be a word that goes through your head when you hear this, but I think "delectable." Creamed Chipped Beef was a meal that I had often in my youth (much to my family's dismay). My mom would always have a great dinner prepared for us, but I would come home from hockey practice completely famished, head to the freezer and pull out my favorite dinner: Stouffer's Creamed Chipped Beef.

Now, I know what you're thinking when you see this image - "that's foul," might come to mind. But I swear - I lived for this stuff. Mmm - getting it out of the freezer, and boiling the package of I'm-not-sure-what and serving it over toast. . .I was in love. So, you would imagine my joy when I saw it on the menu on Sunday. Interestingly, Creamed Chipped Beef has been a topic of conversation in my life recently. I brought it up a few weeks ago to P who had (gasp!) never heard of it before; and just the other day P's roommates and I were talking about it. I seriously hadn't thought about my obsession with CCB in probably 8 years. . .and here it was butting it's creamy head (ew.) back into my life.

I guess yesterday morning I was a little hesitant to order Creamed Chipped Beef off the 10 Arts menu, for fear it wouldn't live up to my Stouffer's version (HA), so L and I ending up splitting the Three Egg Omelet with cheddar and chives and the Egg White Omelet with goat cheese and spinach. Both were served with 10 Art's take on home fries and an oven-roasted tomato. I got a side of the country sausage, she the Neuski’s bacon. Based on the portions, it seems that the sides are meant to be shared. In typical sisterly fashion, we totally devoured them all by ourselves, and let's just say I'm glad I was wearing leggings on Sunday morning.

I'm headed to the grocery store later, and I may or may not bring home a few boxes of CCB for old time's sake. . .oops.



it's funny because it's true

“So many mothers say they want their daughters to be independent, but what they really hope is that they’ll find a well-compensated banker or lawyer and settle down between the ages of 25 and 28 in Greenwich, Darien, or That Town, USA, to raise babies, do the grocery shopping, and work out in relative comfort for the rest of their lives. I know this, because I employ their daughters. They raise us to think they want us to have careers, and they send us to college, but even they don’t really believe women can be autonomous.” -Kelly Cutrone (via holleewoodworld)

I have 2-5 years to get this figured out. Good news is, my mother doesn't fall into this category...pressures off i guess?

(Is it bad that I think I would be alright with that being my future?? Sounds like an alright lifestyle to me)



superbowl=super yummy.

Post Superbowl Monday's are probably worse than your average Monday. Not only did I go out this weekend, and feel rather rough on Sunday morning, I continued on the partying bender, and went out again last "watch" a football game. Now, I'm not exactly a football fan by ANY means, but I do love the Superbowl! I don't know what I love more; the food, the beer, the commercials, or the half-time show!

Who am I kidding? It's definitely the food. And let me tell you, there was a PLETHORA of food at this Superbowl party (which is probably why I had such a hard time putting my pants on this morning...). I love cooking, and my friends often demand a few of my standard apps when we go to parties. (And by MY standard apps, I really mean my moms standard apps). These foods are SO easy to make, and really a crowd pleaser. Last night I made two different dishes. Each has no more than 4 ingredients, and individually take 5-10 minutes to make! What could be better?!

1. Sweedish Meatballs.

Everyone has had Sweedish Meatballs. Always a hit at parties. I, however, take a lot less time to make them than most people. As in, I buy the meatballs pre-made. Trader Joe's carries "Party Size Mini Meatballs" which are the perfect size for this dish. In addition to the meatballs, you will need:

-1, 12 oz jar of Chili Sauce
-1 small jar of Grape Jelly (roughly 12 oz.)
-1 generous tablespoon of Dijon Mustard

In a large pot, mix the three liquid ingredients together. Heat until the jelly has liquified and ingredients have blended together. Add in the meatballs (you can put the frozen ones straight in there if you have about 30 minutes to let it cook on the stove top. Otherwise, toss them in the microwave for a few minutes and then throw them in the pot). Once the meatballs are looking well coated, transfer to a dish, and serve with toothpicks! This dish will be the first one to go.

2. Bean Dip.

Another favorite. Only 3 ingredients:

-One box of cream cheese
-One can of Hormel Chili with Beans
-One package of shredded cheddar cheese

Using a microwavable dish, cover the bottom with the cream cheese. I suggest using a spoon to do this, as it really gets the cream cheese flat. Pour the Hormel Chili with Beans on top of the Cream Cheese. Sprinkle the Cheddar on top of the Chili. Microwave for 5+ minutes. Serve with Tostitos Bite Sized Round Tortilla Chips (best for scooping!).

You may or may not have a serious stomach ache the next morning if you eat too much of the bean dip, but it is well worth it! Pair with a nice can (or two or three or four) of Bud Light, and sit back, and enjoy the commercials...uhhh i mean game.



Thursday, February 4, 2010


Sadly, C 's workday tomorrow will be even more boring than today, as am off to Philadelphia bright and early tomorrow morning! I am headed to the City of Brotherly Love to visit my older sister, L. We'll be doing some wedding planning (hers, not mine - duhh), eating Philly Cheese Steaks, and going outtt. Get excited for some east coast posts!

I'm sorry, C. You'll just have to find someone else to fill the GChat void. . .but please don't replace me. Kthanks.



A Base with a Cup for Barfing

I stumbled upon this article while catching up on the day's news on and I already know I will have nightmares about it.

I hate ketchup. Despise it. Loathe, abhor. I think it is the grossest thing I have ever smelled, touched and tasted in my life. I am not exaggerating when I say that I legit GAG when I am around ketchup. I cannot share a plate of fries with someone who puts ketchup on the plate - get your own. One morning when I was out to brunch, I started gagging at the table because I could see the bus boy refilling the ketchup bottles - tranferring half-filled bottles of ketchup to another bottle to make them full. Oh. My. Gosh. It was repulsive. I even went so far with my hatred as to create a Facebook group called "I Hate Ketchup" (not joking).

Therefore, you will understand my sheer horror when I read that Heinz has come out with a new packet for their to-go ketchup. "The new design has a base that's more like a cup for dipping and also a tear-off end for squeezing, plus it holds three times as much ketchup than a traditional packet." A BASE with a CUP for dipping? That's heinous.