Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Never Have I Ever

I am up to a pack a day. . .eating gummy candy. I just have to have my fix of Haribo Gummy Bears or Trolli Brite Crawlers.

I am not a huge chocolate fan (tends to give me migraines - the worst feeling in the entire worlddd), so these satisfy my pretty large sweet tooth. I keep a pack of Haribos or Brite Crawlers at my desk at all times - helpful for a mid-morning (or 9 a.m.?) pick-me-up.

Well, when I was visiting L in Phila this past weekend, we were finishing up lunch at Marathon Grill and of course I had to cleanse my palate afterwards. I reached into my bag and grabbed a few gummy bears. Naturally, L asked for a few as well, so I reached in an grabbed a couple and dropped them into her hand. I was absolutely flabbergasted when I looked into L's palm and saw this:

NEVER has this EVER occured - exactly five gummies in all five colors. . .?! CRAZY! I know you might be thinking that this happens a lot. But, believe me (the girl who eats approx 6 bags a week), it does not. I sometimes play little games when I'm eating gummies - "I bet I'll get 4 reds and a green" or something, but NEVER have I gotten all five!

Just had to share. Hey, I mean, I took a picture on my phone when it happened. It was a big day for me.



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