Wednesday, February 3, 2010

how could i forget?!

I'm ashamed to admit that I forgot to mention one of my all time favorite pieces in my pajama collection! In my post, "Bananas in Pajamas," I somehow mentioned almost every piece of clothing that goes to bed to me....with the exception of my Lilly P (what was I thinking?!)! I have this Boyfriend Shirt in two different patterns. The best part of this night shirt is that you can TOTALLY get away with wearing it during the day! I have worn it when travelling, shopping, or even just hanging out at a bar with friends (Sunday Funday?!). Perfect for a casual day with some leggings or jeans underneath. OR, a friend borrowed my pink version of the shirt, and wore it with a tight hot pink skirt to a cocktail party in the summer. This shirt is definitely worth the $78.00 that Lilly is charging for it! A word of advice: buy it at least a size smaller than you usually would, or else you might not be able to leave home in it.



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