Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dream Come True

My life has turned into an "Office" episode. I received this email today:

Back by popular demand, we are going to reinstitute the "Get Ready for Spring Break Contest" or otherwise known as [Name of R's Company]'s Biggest Loser Competition. Here are the contest rules. Send an email that you are in. It costs $10 to enter. Get weighed in by end of day on Friday, Feb. 19. You don't have to strip down but shoes and extra layers of clothing need to be off and pockets need to be empty. No keys, coins, wallets in the pocket. You are on the honor system. We will have a mid point weigh-in on March 5 to see how we are doing. There are two ways to win. Most pounds off and greatest % of body weight loss. There are only four weeks to spring break -- I know it seems an entirety. But hopefully this will be fun and keep reminding you that you are in training for a wonderful restful two weeks off. So bring it on!!!

Remember The Office's "Weight Loss" episode?! Where the Scranton branch is competing against all other Dunder Mifflin branches for who can lose the most weight? Well, it is one of my favorites because a.) Jim proposes to Pam (!!!) and b.) Kelly passes out before a weigh-in.

I am an extremely competitive person, so I am SO ready for this. Just had my initial weigh-in! Hahah. I am really only excited for this because I am hoping life imitates art (or in this case, The Office), and this whole Biggest Loser thing will bring out the best (or worst), in my colleagues.

Sidenote: I am beyond obsessed with The Office. I swear, no matter what time of day, I have the uncanny ability to find an episode of The Office on TV. I believe it is because of my sheer love of the show, but it could also be blamed on TBS.



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