Thursday, February 11, 2010

Utah bound

This time tomorrow, I will be skiing (or rolling) down the slopes of Deer Valley! I'm really thinking I might be headed more towards the motion of rolling, rather than your typical ski form. I keep saying that I haven't been skiing since the 10th grade, but this morning I did a little calculation, and realized that 10th grade was 8 years ago! EIGHT!?! Holy balls I'm getting old!

As a bit of a "thank you" to my aunt and uncle that have kindly agreed to putting up with my lack of skill for a week (and for having me at their beautiful home on the top of the mountain), R and I did a bit of brainstorming, and picked out the PERFECT gift for the hostess(es) that have everything! Tervis Tumblers.

R bought each one of our friends a monogrammed Tervis Tumbler for Christmas our senior year of college, and I have been giving them as gifts ever since then! The best part about them is that if you fill up your Tumbler with ice, and then with water, it is still icy in the morning! What better than waking up to an ice cold glass of water to get rid of your dry morning mouth!

I decided to get my hostesses two sets of the "Deer" Tumblers (reppin' Deer Valley), and the other side I personalized, reading "Q WEST," which is what they call their ski home (cough-mansion-cough) out there!

And what better timing did I have! Just checked the Fed-Ex Tracking, and they are scheduled to arrive this evening! I can't wait to use my (their) new Tumblers tonight, and wake up to some ice cold water in the morning!



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