Monday, February 1, 2010

T-Swift (and other Grammy news)

I loved the Taylor Swift / Stevie Nicks duet last night at the Grammys! I am obsessed with T-Swift and Fleetwood Mac is def one of my all-time favorite bands. I know Taylor has gotten some flack for singing off-key during her performance, but honestly I thought their "Rhiannon" rendition was super. Taylor looked soo excited and honored to be singing with Stevie - it was really cute. I didn't LOVE Tay's outfits last night, however. I thought this flowy top she was wearing for her performance was pretty boring and a little random...

The Kaufman Franco dress she wore last night was very pretty, but again, I thought it was lacking a bit - and the Grammys is the place where you can experiment and be a little crazy with the fashion - and though she looks gorgeous, I think Taylor could have had a little more fun with it (Still love you Tay Tay!).

Beyonce (the big winner of the night with 6!) looked amazing last night (though her hair was a little too blonde for my liking - is that just me?) and I absolutely loved her shout-out to Alanis Morissette by incorporating "You Outta Know" into her "If I Were A Boy" medley. Loved this dress:

Pink's performance was INSANE. I swear, she has to have a background in acrobatics because hanging in the air by a flimsy sheet - while doing spins, tricks, and of course SINGING - she has to have done that a lot before, way more than just practicing for Grammy night.

Pink's performance? Stunning. Her outfit? Not. So. Much.

I just don't understand it. . .

Overall, great night at the Grammys. Check out the full list of winners here.



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