Monday, February 1, 2010

caffeine fix

Usually, I am not the type of person to need a cup of coffee to get through my day. This week that is different. I woke up this morning feeling like I ran a marathon over the weekend (and let me assure you, I did NOT). On top of that, I got that lovely email I get from Bank of America this morning, just a little reminder that I owe rent today, and once I pay rent, I will have close to no money left for the remainder of the week. (Thanks to my spending habits this weekend). That being said, I usually wouldn't be able to afford the 4 cups of coffee/day that it may or may not take to get me through this week. However, lucky for me, it is "Free Coffee Days" this week! SeamlessWeb is sponsoring free coffee in select coffee shops in Manhattan for the month of February (a different location of the city each week). And once again, lucky me, this week happens to be my stomping grounds, Midtown East. Here's to not falling asleep at my desk this week...and blaming my shakes on the caffeine!



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