Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One of These is Not Like the Other. . .

Kate Spade sent an email this morning and I can't help but share it with those (unfortunate) folk who are not on her email list. Why is the third woman holding a pretzel? Book, normal. Drink, got it. But a pretzel? Interesting choice of a prop, dontcha think?

You know what Kate, I'm going to let that one slide, because you have come out with some great new pieces for your collection. Take a look at this Charm City Ostrich Maryanne purse! It is so cute! I am actually loving all shades of purple these days. Ahh like these awesome Gillian shoes, too. Fabulous!

I am really digging Kate's jewlery right now. Like this Take A Chance Idiom Bangle:

And I wear these black Gumdrops Studs all the time - might have to snag another pair in pink!

C - I could definitely see you rocking this Keswick Caning Wide Bangle.

C was always the one in college we'd go to for great costume jewlery. C - add this Moon River Bow Ring to your collection?!



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