Thursday, February 4, 2010

boredom in the workplace (at its finest)

"Im bored" has been the most repeatedly typed phrase on my computer screen today. Ask anyone on my gchat contact list. SO BORED. You would think that this might turn into something productive like finding a great new website to share with the world...but no.

My bosses left last night for a ski trip, and will not be returning to the office until Tuesday. Usually when the bosses leave the office, the "men" on the trading floor behave like they are in the 6th grade and their teacher has called in sick, and they couldn't find a substitute teacher to tame the class. While this has been the case for some of the day, it wasn't nearly as entertaining as I had anticipated.

Thus, to entertain myself (and you), I have decided to keep a running tab of sorts, of all the un-important things i have done today. These things are what my job consists of...lots and lots of meaningless tasks.

8:30- Got to work on time. Not sure why, considering people strolled in between the hours of 9 and 10. But nevertheless, I was here at 8:30. As a matter of facts, one of the analysts told me he was proud of me for coming in at all. THANKS for that.

9-11:00- Phone rings roughly 5 times. 2 calls were bankers, whom I instructed not to call back until tuesday, 2 were my bosses friends, whom i instructed the same thing, and one was someone who thought they were calling Social Security (we get that one a lot...along with Domino's Pizza)

11:15-D (one of the analysts), asked me to call Bobby Van's Steakhouse, and see if they would deliver steak sandwiches with lots of sides for lunch. Once I informed him that they were each $26.00, he changed his plan and decided to eat "street meat" for lunch.

11:45- I have a panic attack, because I hear a door slam, and think it is the door to my bosses office. Knowing that they are not at the office, I automatically assume that someone (A) has gone into their office to either snoop around, or just to look cool. Both things that A would do.

1:00-I go get some lunch. Nothing exciting, just a salad. Ended up throwing it out because the carrots were frozen and the dressing looked like a result of a bodily function (you're welcome for that image).

1:30- D asks me to do him a favor. I am handed a $20.00 bill, and asked to go down the street and get Coconut Water. Not just any Coconut Water. He wants Vita Coco. The one that doesn't have all the "junk" floating around in it. Seeing as im not exactly the pro on coconut water, I decide to just take the money and go. But before I can get out the door, there is another request for Pepperidge Farm cookies. No nuts. D is "allergic" to nuts. I should have gotten the only one that had nuts just to spite him.

3:00-D asks me to come to the trading floor because he has a REALLY important/serious question for me. Looking at him with sceptical, I walk over to his side of the office. As I get over there, he proceeds to ask me what I think about John THIS his serious question?! Not only does he want to know whether or not I like his music or if i think he is hot, he wants me to answer why Jennifer Aniston dated him. WHAT makes him think I know the answer to that question?! I am not Jennifer Aniston, am I? NO. If I were Jennifer Aniston, I sure as hell wouldn't be sitting in this office answering phones and blogging about my day to day office "actitivies"

4:00-Send a few emails out to some friends, seeing if they want to do something tonight. This is a desperate plea for some social contact, with people that don't work in my office. No positive responses. Clearly nobody is as bored as I am.

4:23- As I am writing this log of my day. A calls me on my line to run something by me. She is running in a race with a friend from college. She wants to make shirts for the race, and needed an idea for a catchy slogan for the front of the shirt. Some of her ideas: "2 slow 2 win. 2 dumb 2 quit," "Running Our ASSets off," and something about "ASSphalt." The back of her friends shirt will read "Super Wife. Super Mom of 3." The back of A's shirt will read "Super Single" or "Call me." In case you hadn't picked up on it, she is single. I really hope she doesn't read this.

4:30-Here begins the countdown of the last 30 minutes of work.

All time unaccounted for was filled with hoping something new and exciting would pop up on facebook, or listening to music on Grooveshark.



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