Tuesday, February 23, 2010

R Speaks the Truth!

What R says is true...we still rock the flare. I WAS going to share a photo of the two of us at our friends NYE pregame festivities (ie; a bunch of girls sitting around wearing black dresses and gold flare on their heads, playing 'Never Have I Ever' only to realize we know everything about one another...), but for anonymity's sake, I decided to continue to let your imagination(s) run wild. We wouldn't want our bosses finding out THIS is what we do at work all day!

And this April, as R mentioned, is one of our bff CMac's big 2-5! CMac is one of the biggest Lilly P enthusiasts I have ever met, and thus is having a Lilly P themed party.... What better way to celebrate her quarter century than with some flare...Lilly flare! (Since this IS such a big birthday, I think it is an appropriate time to graduate from the $1.99 flare from Party City to the big kid stuff---found in the little kids section)

CMac will appropriately be donning one of Lilly's Princess Crown's (and will love every minute of it)...

....while the rest of us can rock the Guest Crown! (Don't want to steal the spotlight from the birthday girl!)



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