Friday, January 22, 2010

Daddy I Want this Shoshanna Dress and I Want it NOW!

(Charlie and the Choc Factory, duhh.)
I adore this dress. I want it. So bad. Sooo bad.
I actually have a great way of justifying purchases I make. So, let's say you've just bought an expensive dress, bag, pair of shoes, whatever - and now have buyer's guilt. Well - divide the price by the number of times you wear it. It works out fabulously. This dress is $340 on Shopbop. I know I will wear it during a weekend jaunt to NYC for a friend's 25th (eek!) Birthday (i'll see C of course) in April and to my sister's rehearsal dinner this summer - oh wow lookie here - the price just dropped to $170 - what a STEAL! Throw it on again one night this summer? BOOM - $113. Soon enough, your clothes will be paying you if you ask me.



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