Thursday, January 28, 2010

hitting the slopes in style!

2 (hopefully short) weeks from today, I depart the big apple, for a ski trip out west. It is a bit of an impromptu trip (as in, I booked my flights yesterday), and who doesn't love a last minute vacay?! Thanks to a last minute cancellation by my sister (thanks S!), I was invited to go to Deer Valley with the cousins! I'm taking advantage of the long holiday weekend, and going Thursday-Tuesday (I'm thinking of it as a dedication to Lincoln and Washington). I figured I needed the extra fews days since, well...I haven't been skiing since the 10th grade. And for those of you who know me, well I'm not the MOST athletically inclined person, so getting back into the swing of things in all of that fresh powder miiiiight take a while!

Now that I have booked my flight, I need to start purchasing a few essentials (pretty sure I no longer own snowpants, but that's just a hunch). I'm thinking my first purchase might be this pair of Chanel Skis for a mere $4,055 that i found on Not only can I not afford those skis (or if I did buy them, I wouldnt be able to pay rent for the next 3 months), but I'm pretty sure I no longer know how to ski...all in all, bad investment. Guess I'm back to ski rentals and my light blue North Face jacket from high school.



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