Friday, January 29, 2010

And so it continues...

Ahhh it has finally arrived! January 29th, 2010. So many fabulous things about this day, on top of it being a Friday! As I mentioned earlier in the week, Lilly P was to be adding her spring line to the website today! And alas, she has! While I obviously love almost everything about the colors and patterns that she shares with the World Wide Web, I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed when i scoped her "New Arrivals" section this morning. The Mira Jumpsuit that I had been counting down to see in person, just didn't look quite like I had expected on the model. (This will not stop me from treking up to the store on 79th and Madison tomorrow morning in the 12 degree weather to try the romper on however). Other than that, I really didn't see anything that stood out too much in my mind. Don't worry though, a little birdie told me that on February 10th, a few more pieces will be added to the collection. I guess that means the countdown continues. And until then, a few things I plan on purchasing (hopefully on sale) from the last collection release...

The "Cinch 1 Piece" Printed in "Turquoise Lock Me Up" will be one of the first things I toss in my carry-on (for fear that my luggage gets lost and im at the beach without a bathingsuit...) as I head to the beach this March.

And this "Pillar Tunic" Printed in "Daquiri Pink Coral Me Crazy" will be tossed in right after. Nothing better than hitting the beach wearing 2 different Lilly prints and a wintery pale glow to my skin!

How long until February 10th?!



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