Tuesday, January 26, 2010

iomoi oh my!

While perusing the internet for the PERFECT image to represent COTPG (R and I are anal, so this task may take a while), we came across one of our FAVORITE stationery websites, iomoi! Not only do they have fabulous stationery, but they have some truly one of a kind hostess gifts, invitations, and a multitude of colorful, personalized tchotchke's to have made for yourself, or give away to your friends (R, please take note...I love everything on this website, especially the canvas pillows!). Anyways, in our pursuit for a free image or monogram to represent ourselves, I came across iomoi's "e-stationery." This isnt just ANY old e-stationery. It is FREE e-stationery. And it is absolutely to die for (just like everything else on the website!).

Above is a little note I sent to R with iomoi's e-stationery page. Don't get too jealous! Just click the link and you can start making your own delectable creations!



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  1. Keep an eye out ladies...I am doing an iomoi giveaway soon!