Thursday, January 28, 2010

My weakness.

Monday was a great day. Not only did I have my favorite weekly Pilates class (which royally kicked my butt), but I came home to find in my mailbox my J.Crew Spring Rewards Card! Ahh the perks of being a J.Crew cardholder. J.Crew sends a gift card for every $500 (oops!) or so you spend. Considering pretty much my entire wardrobe is J.Crew, this is amazing. Now normally, I would stampede up the four flights of stairs to my apartment, grab my comp and plop down on the couch for the night to check out how I will spend my newfound J.Crew cash, but I surprisingly restrained myself. As C mentioned earlier this week, Lilly is coming out with their new Spring line on Friday - so I thought, hmm maybe J.Crew will be debuting some new duds this week too. I am soo glad I waited because this morning J.Crew revealed some new arrivals of their new spring line!

A few highlights:

This Lilac Shower Shift Dress in light ginger is just adorable. I am a big fan of shift dresses in general, and with it belted like this, it gives it a more mature and polished look, while still staying chic and casual.

Not everyone can pull off the jean short trend, but this look makes me want to try it out this spring. I love the statement necklace with the tee. You can never have too may cotton v-necks. (I am wearing a grey J.Crew one today actually!)

I love how J.Crew has teamed up with Sperry to make these great metallic boat shoes - cutest.

Welp, looks like I have some shopping to do. . .



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