Thursday, August 18, 2011

Story of my life

I feel like whoever is writing these is following me. With the exception of number 1 and number 6.

My problems with number 1: If you have a job, you can find an envelope, and a pen, and a piece of paper. If you live in any sort of city, you can find a Duane Reade or a CVS, and they sell stamps. And if you live in America, there is a mail box on every street corner. If you wanted to accomplish all of those things at once, you could just find a post office. I might be wrong, but I've heard each town has one.

As far as number 6 goes, I just mock people who WrITe LiKE tHiS. iT dRiVeS mE nUtS. As a matter of facts, R used to have to do a publication for work every month and the title of the publication was written like that. It drove the both of us nuts. And with abreviations, I'm ok with them, as long as its not in your verbal conversations. You sound like a moron if you're talking (out loud) to someone and are all "like totes, that would obvi be fine." Don't get me wrong, it's in my daily g-chat convo's, but I totes wouldn't be caught dead speaking in person to someone like that. (See what I did there).



Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy Happy!

Wishing the happiest of birthdays to the #1 Mom out there! (Seriously, she's the best). Happy bday ML!



Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

You're only a day away!!!!!!!!!!!

The day has finally come! Tomorrow after work I am heading to Newark airport, and hopping on a plane to Scotland.

First stop, Edinburgh.

Next, we're heading to Inverness.

And ending our trip in London.

I know nothing about Scotland, except that it is the Home of Golf and the Loch Ness Monster.

And having been to London a handfull of times already, I am excited to explore the city with the family and not have to worry about hitting up the essential tourist spots (or riding on The Original Tour sightseeing bus for the 6th time). I will, however, be stopping in Buckingham Palace to dote over Kate Middleton's wedding gown. And my ginger radar will be kicked into full gear as I go on the hunt for Prince Harry.

So, here's to hoping I get a hole in one, meet Nessie, and come home a Royal (or never leave!).



Wednesday, July 20, 2011


This old lady YOLO's with the best of 'em...

I can only hope to live to 90 and still be as active as she is! More power to ya, Estelle.



I swear it's cute!

Next weekend I am headed to Maine for my friends CS and DF's wedding! I am super pumped. Obviously, it was time to buy a new party dress. Planning on wearing this awesome purple Shoshanna dress to the wedding. Personally, I don't think the model looks too hot in this pic (no offense), but I swear the dress is cute.



You can never have too many bags.

I'm jetting off to Michigan for the weekend on Saturday morning (quick trip!) and would love to be able to pack in this J.McLaughlin bag!

Monogrammed, obviously. So cute.



Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The new planking?

Looks like we've taken planking to a more seasonal activity. The Leisure Dive.

I'd love to see C-Mac take this past time into action!