Saturday, July 31, 2010


Sorry, C. I have been a little preoccupied with this:

I get back to work on Tuesday and will be sure to make up for the lack of posts. Sorrs.



R is a slacker.

Browsing The Book in Turkey, I came across a post on R's wall:

ECQ to R: is cotpg going to flop without C? only time will tell - but i hope not!!

So I decided to scope the blog. It appears that R has been the ultimate slacker since i have departed the states....

It took me roughly 3 days to figure out how to login to Turkish, but even I managed to post! Step up your game, R!



Tuesday, July 27, 2010

its roughly the size of a chipotle burrito

Yet another glimpse into the daily thoughts of C through gchat convos. Thanks, HLR!

C: It's mini-m's birthday party tonight. So I'm pretty sure it will end up like last weekend....we show up as a clan, get really drunk and dance/sing/take articles of clothing off, and an entire other group of friends ends the night hating us (or wanting to be us).

C: im contemplating going to get blood taken so i dont have to stay here anymore
i think it would be wise

C: omggggg my jaw hurts
pizza was a baddd idea

C: its roughly the size of a chipotle burrito

C: just was looking at my godfathers son on fb...and hes like hotttt now

C: sitting here popping blisters on my feet...


legit i am going to have a panic attack if i cant leave soon

C: now im probs going to poop in my pants or something

C: i just got so incredibly tired

HLR: im sorry

C: its ok, im more bored than tired

it just results in tiredness

C: it smells like toner from a dark room in my office

C: on my way to work this morning, i ripped a button off my i stapled it haha


C: im trying to think of this computer game we played in elementary school

with like gems that you traded in for goods at the store

C: oh yes david just gave me some hershey bar

oh yes

C: is it bad if i dont give two shits if cosmetic companies test shit on animals?

C: i feel like a zombie!

SO tired.

(not that i know what zombies feel like)

C: omg i just was frantically looking around my desk for my phone

its right in front of me


someone is banging on the pipes under my desk.

like downstairs.

C: omgggggg im so crampyyyy

C: what do ROYGBIV stand for...








wahts the diff between indigo and violet?

C: ugh shit i think i just popped my shoulder againnnn

C: i just threw out my knife before i was done with it...i think im half asleep

C: a guy just asked what i did this weekend and i told him i was in bmore with all of my friends and then he asked if i got drunk and i was like yahhh...

then he asked if i was sick of getting drunk

and i said no...and he judged me ha

C: i woke up in the middle of the night and my bite plate was under me...?

i dont even know how that happens

but my teeth hurt now and i think its the way it fell out



i love craft beers.

Yesterday morning P received some GREAT news - he passed the CFA Level 1 test! Though he still has to pass Level 2 in June 2011 and then Level 3 in June 2012 to become become a CFA Charterholder, we still thought this called for a little celebration considering he studied SO hard and it payed off! Yay!

And what better way to celebrate than dinner at DMK (typical) and stopping by our new favorite spot, Vrai Amour?

How it took us 2 years of living in Chicago to discover this place is beyond me.

Vrai Amour specializes in craft beers and amazing wines, holds tasting events and can be rented out for private parties. That's all great, but what keeps P and me coming back for more is their Make Your Own Six Pack. They have two large refrigerators in the back of the store stocked with some of our favroite beers - from Allagash to Dogfish Head, Two Hearted to Delerium, they've got us covered. It's so fun to fill up an empty six pack with exactly the beers we want.

After a delish dinner at DMK, we capped off the night with our beers, our friend M, and a stogie for the boys on P's roof. A perfect little celebration.



Thursday, July 22, 2010


For the past two months, I have been on the hunt for a pair of nude heels. I am really into the trend right now, and every time I see a celeb in them, I think, "I NEED those." (Sidenote: C and I often talk about the difference between wanting and needing something. We always say we need a new dress, pair of shoes, sunglasses, etc., but then we sadly realize, no, there is NO need whatsoever, and we simply just want. Sigh.)

Anywhooo my ideal pair of nude heels are Brian Atwood's Manic Platform Pumps.

And because I do not have $575 extra dollars lying around, I have tried on several pairs more in my price range. However, none have really worked for me.

Steve Madden Caryssa. C called these "trashy" (ha), but in person they are not that bad. Just wayyy too high (5 inch heels. . .eek) I could barely walk.
Aldo Destime. I was juuust in between an 8 and and 8.5. My feet looked like sausages smushed into the 8s and I was stepping out of the 8.5s. . .grrr. These seemed perfect.

Jessica Simpson Waleo
. Too High. Can't walk.

I decided to check out Zappos. Low and behold, I found (please excuse the heinous name) Promiscuous Ryan.

They shipped in a day, I tried them on last night (see below. . .) and at $53, I'm keeping them!

Please excuse my pjs and the messy room. kthanks.



Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lilly all year long!

A sneak preview of the Lilly P. fall line just popped up on my news feed.

I usually dislike the Lilly fall lines. But this year, it looks like they managed to steer clear of the brown/pink courdoroy look.

Some of my faves.....

I could totes wear this one to work...

And i looove the gold neck-line on this one....

And the shirt on the left (even though it's not exactly a "fall" color)...
And I could TOTALLY see C-Mac wearing this pink turtleneck under a Patagonia pullover (and maybe even as a throwback, with a jean skirt, white socks, and her New Balance sneaks---with pink laces of course....).....



"Optimism RULES."-EJB

B Mac just shared with me the following video, which is guaranteed to put a smile on your face (and if it doesn't, then you are a cynical jerk).

I know a few people that could benefit from thinking the way she does!




This is what I want a wall in my future home to look like.



Gobble Gobble.

This time next week, I will be sitting at JFK, waiting for my flight to Istanbul, Turkey. That's right. You read correctly. I am off to Turkey for our annual family summer vacayyyy. You're probably thinking, "why the H is she going to Turkey" or "of all places?!" or "hmmm Turkey isn't all that safe these days." Well trust me, I've heard every response. Regardless, in t-minus 7 days, I will be en route to this Eurasian country.

As you may know, I am usually totally organized, well in advance, for my travels. This time, I am far from prepared. As a matter of facts, I still can't quite figure out what it is we are doing while we are there, so I don't even know where to start with the contents of my suitcase. I have, however, managed to fully research every hotel we are staying in. And since I have bored both R and HLR to tears with sending them links/pictures of our accomodations, I figure I will bring all of you to that level as well! So, here it goes....

Thursday AM we arrive in Istanbul, where we will be staying at The Marmara-Taksim Hotel for 4 nights.

I anticipate spending the majority of the first day here...

and here...

Once I get over my ambien hangover and jet-lag, I put my fate in the hands of our tour guide. (I truly have no say in this, as we typically travel in the pack of 14 on these trips...some serious QT with the fam). I am hoping that the tour guide will look something like Chris L, and we get to spend an afternoon olive oil wrestling. I mean....

After 4 days of experiencing Istanbul in similar fashion to the extremely romantic trip taken on The Bachelorette (with the addition of 13 loud family members, and a lot of complaints), we are headed to Cappadocia, a scenic cave village ( i took that straight out of the itinerary...i have no effing clue where/what Cappadocia is, but I know our hotel looks BAMF).

Regardless, the itinerary doesn't lie, and the place does look mighty scenic....

We are staying at the Cappadocia Cave Resort...

Two days of hot air ballooning and looking at landscapes and chimneys (seriously, going back to that trusty itinerary again...and in case you're wondering, these said chimneys are raaaather falic looking...should make for a few giggles at least), and we will be more than ready to head to our next destination. (Sidenote...I feel like I am narrating an episode on the Travel Channel).

We will be spending the following night (yes, just one night...due to an epidemic of ADD, my family cannot handle more than 24 hours without action) in a town called Kusadasi at the Charisma Hotel.

We have no tourist type plans this day, so if my family sends out a search party looking for me, you will most likely find me here...

or here....

Next Stop-Bodrum. While in Bodrum, we will be staying at the Marmara Bodrum Hotel for 2 nights. Once again, I have no idea what to expect from this city (if it even is a city).

Umm...Yes Please! I cannot wait to trade in my view of the conference room for this!
After two days of what I hope will be this (but in reality will be a lot of walking around and touring the city), we will be headed back to Istanbul for one last night before our flight back to reality.

While I have done a solid effort at making it seem like I will be spending 12 days pool hopping, I have a feeling it will be quite the opposite. I may or may not have left out a few details that the itin. had to offer. (Mainly for the reason that I did not understand what half of the information meant/was). I guess that will have to wait til I get back.

And now that I have completely wasted 4 hours researching, and an hour posting about my hotels, I am officially going on this trip in whatever clothes I decide to wear on the plane. Unless I get my act together and start making piles of clothes tonight! (Who am I kidding, I have a severe case of OCD...I have a very well organized mental list going on...but its not official until it's in my suitcase).

Until then, the countdown begins.

7 days!



Stumbled Upon...

These have HLR writtten ALL over them! Nothing like a little Peek-a-boo with these Hanky Panky's new on the bop today! HA. For the classy whore in everyone.




This is literally disgusting. For starters, I think most things that come from a can are disgusting. They remind me of cafeteria food, or canned fruit or veggies. Just plain gross. Especially these days, now that there are so many healthy alternatives to prepared foods. On top of that, PB&J sandwichs are a poor man's food to begin with (or a 5 year olds lunch). But then, you throw the canned bbq chicken sandwich in the mix. What on earth posessed Mark Kirkland to create this concept is beyond me. GROSS.



Tuesday, July 20, 2010

If only. . .

I wish this had been around circa 2007 - 2008, senior year in college when I used to pregame with a bottle of Yellow Tail. (Highly recommended.)



Monday, July 19, 2010

Bieber Fever

In an attempt to get out of the city, save some money, and not take advantage of my liver (AND for some QT with the family), I spent the weekend on Lake Champlain. My little bro, L (camper), and my two cousins, DOE and B (leaders), have spent the last month at camp on the lake. Pickup weekend is usually pretty fun. A chance for the kids to introduce their parents to their new friends, compete in some sporting events, and show the day to do stuff that the campers do.

Seeing as this was my bros 2nd year (and he's the youngest child), we strolled in roughly 45 minutes late for pickup. L was less than impressed that he was the last one to be standing around waiting for his parents as 3:00 slowly approached. Poor timing aside, he was pumped to see us once we arrive. Not as pumped, however, as I was when I saw what he was wearing. The campers worked on silk screening projects... L's team created the below t-shirts.

The front....

The back....

Apparently the little man (with the help of DOE), has quite the sense of humor.



Friday, July 16, 2010

To all freeloading tenants

My sister, S, is working/living on Martha's Vineyard this summer. While there, she is staying in the house of the owner of the store she works in (along with a handful of other people that slave away from 9am-10pm at this man's stores). From the pictures I have seen, this house is somewhat of a dump. Not exactly the Ritz Carlton. Nevertheless, this man is appartently very protective of this house (and a total D-bag).

The note they came home to today:

Good thing S is a slob!



"they've literally transformed it."

Transformers 3 is filming in Chicago this weekend a just look what they did to Michigan Ave.!

As my friend MG put it, "they've literally transformed it." HA.



24 is strange.

Well, C, I can't say you should look forward to turning 24 in November, per se. (PS you are SUCH a baby. . .November?!)

Don't get me wrong - I had a great birthday on Wednesday. Woke up, watched the Today Show while opening my birthday cards and a present from my roommate (thanks E!), got to work to find a red velvet cupcake sitting on my desk from my boss (what a great breakfast), went out to lunch to a cute spot with some coworkers, then P threw me a little BBQ on his roof with about 8 friends! Oh, and tonight P and I are headed to Big Star! Tacos and margs TO THE FACE. Pretty nice birthday (birthday week?) if you ask me.

But something about 24 seems. . .weird. You know when it's your birthday and people ask "Ohh my gosh do you feel older?!?!" Welp. Normally, I say "Hehe, not really!" But this birthday was different. I legit FEEL OLD. What's that about?! Is it that when you hit 24 you're no longer in your early twenties? You're officially in your (gasp!) mid-twenties? I had a mini-panic attack about this last night, but fortunately, E, the great roommate that she is, managed to calm me down about it. Turns out, if her marketing job ever falls through, she could totally be a therapist. I did find out I am not alone in my thoughts. E says she lays awake at night thinking things like "Ke$ha is 23 and look at what she's doing with her life! I should be doing more." Hahaha. Great comparison.



Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Happy Birthday to HHS! R and HHS have the SAME birthday-totes twAns!!!!!!!!!! (I still don't completely understand why R says it like that, but since its her bday, ill go with the flow!)

Anyways, hope you two have a FABULOUS bday! (Maybe you should both move to NYC so next year we can allllll be together to help you celebrate the big 2-5!)

Hope you like the cake I picked out for the two of you! I would have actually purchased it and individually sent you each one, if i hadn't overdrawn my bank account last week....



Happy Birthday, R!

24 years ago, S (and B) gave birth to this little munchkin. (Snagged this pic off fb. wish i could have used the one her mom gave me for our graduation video---where she looked MORE like a 2 year old boy---but this pic will have to do). This little boy has blossomed to be quite the lovely 24 year old lady! (bahahaha-lady!)

Happy Birthday R!



Monday, July 12, 2010

A weekend in the burbs.

In an attempt to save money/recuperate from my 4th of July weekend in Newport, I went home to the burbs for the weekend. Knowing how much C-Mac loves CT (she plans on raising a family there one day), I invited her home with me.

All in all, a totally successful weekend. While C-Mac may have spent just as much money shopping as she would have during a night out on the town, we totally rejuvinated ourselves. Drank good wine, ate good food, hung out by the pool, and managed to be in bed by 10. Nothing beats that.

A few snapshots from our weekend away from the Big Apple....

ML had a bbq on Saturday night, and one of her friends brought flowers from her garden. While having tottie time on the deck, she began talking about her beetle problem she is having in her garden. Immediately C-Mac's ears perked up, at the sound of someone else having beetle problems. Unfortunately, this was a different type of beetle problem. While eating dinner, I noticed a beetle on the flower arrangement in front of our plates. It was a sign. If C-Mac had gone back to the city that night, as intended, she would have DEF been thrown off the tree. Look how happy that beetle looks, nestled on top of those flowers, watching us eat our bbq pork and corn on the cob!

Post dropping C-Mac at the train station, I went with my cousin, ECQ, to gather our stuff from the pool, and as we turned the corner, we came across this in the road....

Just a turkey, casually crossing the street in CT. I sent a pic of this to C-Mac to let her know what she was missing out on by taking the early train home. In typical Hoosier form, she responded "Should have hit it and we could have grilled it on the roof tonight." I'll let you judge that comment yourself.



Friday, July 9, 2010

WHAT is going on?

Look at C's orange juice from yesterday! Obvs she had to text me this picture. (What a chode orange juice box by the way. . .)



The Loneliest Window in the World.


Tonight I will be attending a coworker's bachelorette party.

Yes, a coworker.

And the kicker? I had to buy her "sexy" underwear. . .so awk.



Thursday, July 8, 2010


Hilarious email correspondence that M sent me today.

Why never to ask favours from the designers....

Do we think Shannon is code for C-Mac here?



Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This bothers me.

Really, really bothers me.

Starbucks, can you please restock your small straws? I feel like such a dweeb when I am forced to use this uber long straw.



Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"I'm disgusted with you."

This was crazy last night.

Why did they even need to do this interview? So unnecessary. (Yet SUCH great television on a Monday night after an amazing long weekend. . .)



Stumbled Upon...

Just browsing the Shopbop sale--which was so inconveniently emailed to me after a weekend of spending me entire life savings (which was close to nothing to begin with)---and I came across the PERFECT piece of jewlery for C-Mac! Kenneth Jay Lane's Amber Beetle Ring. Perhaps if she wears it, it will remind her not to get tossed off the tree anymore... just a thought! (Please refer to her gchat conversation with R to clear up any confusion you may be having).



Happy 4th! Love, C.

C, in one of her many red-white-and blue outfits of the weekend. Cool headband.




Thursday, July 1, 2010

Now He's What Time it Is.

This is just one of the many infamous quotes from the character Brianna Wallace of Holiday in the Sun. Seriously, I have no shame in saying that this is by far one of my favorite movies. A classic, if you will. And every time I watch it, the acting gets worse.

EJB brought to my attention this afternoon (after stating that she needed "a beach, and a martini STAT"), that Brianna, the mean girl featured in the movie, is MEGAN FOX. Immediately I disagreed. No way that could be Megan Fox. So, I went to, and kept my fingers crossed that Holiday in the Sun would be on demand....YES it was. I just spent a solid 30 minutes watching/quoting/rewinding and re-watching/quoting this glorious movie (yes, I am at work). I then spent the next 30 minutes doing an analysis/comparison. It indeed is Megan Fox, and he has indeed had tons of plastic surgery and may or may not have an eating disorder.

You be the judge...

Megan Fox (aka Brianna Wallace-as in the Wallace Department Store Wallace), in Holiday in the Sun....

Modern Day Megan Fox....

The only similarity i see here is here dumb open mouth facial expression....I'm just sayin'.

To each his own, i guess?



Never, Ever Bring This Up Again.

You must check out these cards from Set Editions! They are absolutely hilarious and some have really cute designs.

Other favorite lines from the cards:

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Shut your mouth and take off your clothes.

I am right you are wrong.

Ha. Take a looksie at these - they are great.