Thursday, July 1, 2010

Now He's What Time it Is.

This is just one of the many infamous quotes from the character Brianna Wallace of Holiday in the Sun. Seriously, I have no shame in saying that this is by far one of my favorite movies. A classic, if you will. And every time I watch it, the acting gets worse.

EJB brought to my attention this afternoon (after stating that she needed "a beach, and a martini STAT"), that Brianna, the mean girl featured in the movie, is MEGAN FOX. Immediately I disagreed. No way that could be Megan Fox. So, I went to, and kept my fingers crossed that Holiday in the Sun would be on demand....YES it was. I just spent a solid 30 minutes watching/quoting/rewinding and re-watching/quoting this glorious movie (yes, I am at work). I then spent the next 30 minutes doing an analysis/comparison. It indeed is Megan Fox, and he has indeed had tons of plastic surgery and may or may not have an eating disorder.

You be the judge...

Megan Fox (aka Brianna Wallace-as in the Wallace Department Store Wallace), in Holiday in the Sun....

Modern Day Megan Fox....

The only similarity i see here is here dumb open mouth facial expression....I'm just sayin'.

To each his own, i guess?



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  1. THIS IS AMAZING. Doyce OF COURSE you put all this effort into the research. I'm cracking up, and absolutely LOVE Holiday in the Sun