Tuesday, July 27, 2010

its roughly the size of a chipotle burrito

Yet another glimpse into the daily thoughts of C through gchat convos. Thanks, HLR!

C: It's mini-m's birthday party tonight. So I'm pretty sure it will end up like last weekend....we show up as a clan, get really drunk and dance/sing/take articles of clothing off, and an entire other group of friends ends the night hating us (or wanting to be us).

C: im contemplating going to get blood taken so i dont have to stay here anymore
i think it would be wise

C: omggggg my jaw hurts
pizza was a baddd idea

C: its roughly the size of a chipotle burrito

C: just was looking at my godfathers son on fb...and hes like hotttt now

C: sitting here popping blisters on my feet...


legit i am going to have a panic attack if i cant leave soon

C: now im probs going to poop in my pants or something

C: i just got so incredibly tired

HLR: im sorry

C: its ok, im more bored than tired

it just results in tiredness

C: it smells like toner from a dark room in my office

C: on my way to work this morning, i ripped a button off my skirt...so i stapled it haha


C: im trying to think of this computer game we played in elementary school

with like gems that you traded in for goods at the store

C: oh yes david just gave me some hershey bar

oh yes

C: is it bad if i dont give two shits if cosmetic companies test shit on animals?

C: i feel like a zombie!

SO tired.

(not that i know what zombies feel like)

C: omg i just was frantically looking around my desk for my phone

its right in front of me


someone is banging on the pipes under my desk.

like downstairs.

C: omgggggg im so crampyyyy

C: what do ROYGBIV stand for...








wahts the diff between indigo and violet?

C: ugh shit i think i just popped my shoulder againnnn

C: i just threw out my knife before i was done with it...i think im half asleep

C: a guy just asked what i did this weekend and i told him i was in bmore with all of my friends and then he asked if i got drunk and i was like yahhh...

then he asked if i was sick of getting drunk

and i said no...and he judged me ha

C: i woke up in the middle of the night and my bite plate was under me...?

i dont even know how that happens

but my teeth hurt now and i think its the way it fell out



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