Monday, July 19, 2010

Bieber Fever

In an attempt to get out of the city, save some money, and not take advantage of my liver (AND for some QT with the family), I spent the weekend on Lake Champlain. My little bro, L (camper), and my two cousins, DOE and B (leaders), have spent the last month at camp on the lake. Pickup weekend is usually pretty fun. A chance for the kids to introduce their parents to their new friends, compete in some sporting events, and show the day to do stuff that the campers do.

Seeing as this was my bros 2nd year (and he's the youngest child), we strolled in roughly 45 minutes late for pickup. L was less than impressed that he was the last one to be standing around waiting for his parents as 3:00 slowly approached. Poor timing aside, he was pumped to see us once we arrive. Not as pumped, however, as I was when I saw what he was wearing. The campers worked on silk screening projects... L's team created the below t-shirts.

The front....

The back....

Apparently the little man (with the help of DOE), has quite the sense of humor.



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