Friday, July 16, 2010

24 is strange.

Well, C, I can't say you should look forward to turning 24 in November, per se. (PS you are SUCH a baby. . .November?!)

Don't get me wrong - I had a great birthday on Wednesday. Woke up, watched the Today Show while opening my birthday cards and a present from my roommate (thanks E!), got to work to find a red velvet cupcake sitting on my desk from my boss (what a great breakfast), went out to lunch to a cute spot with some coworkers, then P threw me a little BBQ on his roof with about 8 friends! Oh, and tonight P and I are headed to Big Star! Tacos and margs TO THE FACE. Pretty nice birthday (birthday week?) if you ask me.

But something about 24 seems. . .weird. You know when it's your birthday and people ask "Ohh my gosh do you feel older?!?!" Welp. Normally, I say "Hehe, not really!" But this birthday was different. I legit FEEL OLD. What's that about?! Is it that when you hit 24 you're no longer in your early twenties? You're officially in your (gasp!) mid-twenties? I had a mini-panic attack about this last night, but fortunately, E, the great roommate that she is, managed to calm me down about it. Turns out, if her marketing job ever falls through, she could totally be a therapist. I did find out I am not alone in my thoughts. E says she lays awake at night thinking things like "Ke$ha is 23 and look at what she's doing with her life! I should be doing more." Hahaha. Great comparison.



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