Thursday, July 22, 2010


For the past two months, I have been on the hunt for a pair of nude heels. I am really into the trend right now, and every time I see a celeb in them, I think, "I NEED those." (Sidenote: C and I often talk about the difference between wanting and needing something. We always say we need a new dress, pair of shoes, sunglasses, etc., but then we sadly realize, no, there is NO need whatsoever, and we simply just want. Sigh.)

Anywhooo my ideal pair of nude heels are Brian Atwood's Manic Platform Pumps.

And because I do not have $575 extra dollars lying around, I have tried on several pairs more in my price range. However, none have really worked for me.

Steve Madden Caryssa. C called these "trashy" (ha), but in person they are not that bad. Just wayyy too high (5 inch heels. . .eek) I could barely walk.
Aldo Destime. I was juuust in between an 8 and and 8.5. My feet looked like sausages smushed into the 8s and I was stepping out of the 8.5s. . .grrr. These seemed perfect.

Jessica Simpson Waleo
. Too High. Can't walk.

I decided to check out Zappos. Low and behold, I found (please excuse the heinous name) Promiscuous Ryan.

They shipped in a day, I tried them on last night (see below. . .) and at $53, I'm keeping them!

Please excuse my pjs and the messy room. kthanks.



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  1. i so love nude pumps!

    this blog is hilarious by the way.