Monday, July 12, 2010

A weekend in the burbs.

In an attempt to save money/recuperate from my 4th of July weekend in Newport, I went home to the burbs for the weekend. Knowing how much C-Mac loves CT (she plans on raising a family there one day), I invited her home with me.

All in all, a totally successful weekend. While C-Mac may have spent just as much money shopping as she would have during a night out on the town, we totally rejuvinated ourselves. Drank good wine, ate good food, hung out by the pool, and managed to be in bed by 10. Nothing beats that.

A few snapshots from our weekend away from the Big Apple....

ML had a bbq on Saturday night, and one of her friends brought flowers from her garden. While having tottie time on the deck, she began talking about her beetle problem she is having in her garden. Immediately C-Mac's ears perked up, at the sound of someone else having beetle problems. Unfortunately, this was a different type of beetle problem. While eating dinner, I noticed a beetle on the flower arrangement in front of our plates. It was a sign. If C-Mac had gone back to the city that night, as intended, she would have DEF been thrown off the tree. Look how happy that beetle looks, nestled on top of those flowers, watching us eat our bbq pork and corn on the cob!

Post dropping C-Mac at the train station, I went with my cousin, ECQ, to gather our stuff from the pool, and as we turned the corner, we came across this in the road....

Just a turkey, casually crossing the street in CT. I sent a pic of this to C-Mac to let her know what she was missing out on by taking the early train home. In typical Hoosier form, she responded "Should have hit it and we could have grilled it on the roof tonight." I'll let you judge that comment yourself.



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