Tuesday, July 27, 2010

i love craft beers.

Yesterday morning P received some GREAT news - he passed the CFA Level 1 test! Though he still has to pass Level 2 in June 2011 and then Level 3 in June 2012 to become become a CFA Charterholder, we still thought this called for a little celebration considering he studied SO hard and it payed off! Yay!

And what better way to celebrate than dinner at DMK (typical) and stopping by our new favorite spot, Vrai Amour?

How it took us 2 years of living in Chicago to discover this place is beyond me.

Vrai Amour specializes in craft beers and amazing wines, holds tasting events and can be rented out for private parties. That's all great, but what keeps P and me coming back for more is their Make Your Own Six Pack. They have two large refrigerators in the back of the store stocked with some of our favroite beers - from Allagash to Dogfish Head, Two Hearted to Delerium, they've got us covered. It's so fun to fill up an empty six pack with exactly the beers we want.

After a delish dinner at DMK, we capped off the night with our beers, our friend M, and a stogie for the boys on P's roof. A perfect little celebration.



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