Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Little Glimpse Into the Daily Thoughts of C

Obviously, C is on gchat a lot. (Aren't we all?) If any of you know C, she really says what's on her mind. . .literally. Our friend HLR compliled a hilarious list of things C has said via gchat over the past year or so. TEARS were literally welling up in my eyes as I was reading this. It is just so TYPICAL C. I can't help but share - it will really give you an inside look on the gchat life of C. . .

C: um i have to go to the bathroom but someone is in it.
not good

C: do you find that benefiber doesnt completely dissolve

C: ugh my hangover just kicked in

C: wow my stomach is making some funny noises

C: jdlasjkldasjkl

C: ugh i just got my period today and im so gassy ha

C: i have a zit IN my nose

C: i feel like i slammed my finger in a door

C: i just threw up
no worries
get it outta me then just not eat all day
it would be great it will happen im not too concerned

C: just pulled the porno lighter out of my bag...

C: i think i have a fever?

C: i think i like picked a hang nail and its swollen around it now

C: ewe ya want to know whats annoying?
i feel like i just turned 21
and s turns 21 in a year

C: someone just asked me what was all over my hand....ummm 4 nights of bar stamps

C: good news, cut on my hand is closing up...bad whole finger is slowly turning more and more blue hahaand theres like crusty blood stuck in my fingernail

C: im rocking out to jay z

C: fuck i cut my nail too short and its throbbing

C: sucks i hate igoogle
ugh i have the worst headache wtf
and i want sushiiii for lunch

C: omg someone is singing opera outside my office
must be one of the floats in the parade

C: i cant wait til kourtney kardashian has her babyyyyy!

C: im starting to sweat, its kinda hot in here

C: umm i think i have a cyst like in my ear
either that or my ear canal is swollen

C: im in the "i dont want to talk to co-workers" mood

C: umm so pretty much broke my finger last night

C: ugh this weather is making my skin so dry

C: blah

C: im so antsy sitting here
like wtf.

C: yah classssssy
there was like vom coming out of my nose

C: just found out abortions are free under my insurance
thats promising

C: so suck on that cindy rowett

C: i just told someone i only have pretty friends
he didnt think it was as amusing as i do

C: umm i think the light above me is about to explode

C: back
tried to vom
didnt go ovre well

C: yah classssssy
there was like vom coming out of my nose

C: im legit just rocking out to christmas music

C: im so crampy

So what did we learn from this? That C has severe issues with her fingers and vomiting (but not at the same time)? Clearly. That she is an excellent and entertaining gchatter? BUT OF COURSE.



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