Tuesday, March 2, 2010


42 hours til I board the plane for Spring Break 2010.01 (SB2k10.02 is in a few weeks...), and I have yet to do more than merely write down what I think I want to pack. Being as I like to be the Queen of Organization, I am having a minor anxiety attack thinking about all of the items I need to locate in my apartment, and stuff into a suitcase. On top of that, I don't actually know WHAT I want to wear, because I havent even glimpsed at my summer wardrobe since Labor Day Weekend. So far, I have come up with the items that need to go in my beach bag. Until I dig my clothes out from the back of my closet, this is what is coming with me (and what I'm apparently wearing to dinner 4 nights in a row...).

My Bobbi Brown Lip Tint with SPF 15 in "Blossom Tint". Seriously this stuff is AWESOME for the beach. I'm notorious for burning my lips, and ever since I discovered this baby, no blisters for me!!! (FYI: this stuff is hard to come by, so if you see it, buy it in bulk...and send some my way!)

Keeping the face covered is ESSENTIAL at the beach. Don't want to end up with skin that looks as thick as leath-a (that's "leather" in 70+ Boca talk)! That's why I am packing my Vineyard Vines Straw Hat...
AND both pairs of my Ray-Ban shades. Yes, both pairs are necessary. I refuse to lay in the sun without shades on, so bringing my Aviators and my Skinny Wayfarers will allow for me to mix it up a little, and not come home looking like a sunburnt raccoon.

And lastly, my Lilly P. bathing suit that I am waiting until tomorrow to purchase. Really pushing my anxiety with that one.

Posting these items just further reminds me of how much I truly have to do. Must. Go. Home. And. PACK.



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  1. I'm DYING of jealousy right meeeow.