Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Sorry, but I need to rant for a hot minute.

I put a Diet Coke in the office fridge before I left last night. When I went to put in my yogurt this morning, it was still there - great. This afternoon, I left my desk for all of TEN MINUTES and came back with a craving for my DC. I head to the fridge and what do I find? Not a Diet Coke, that's for sure (see that one coming?)

Wahhhhhh. I know I sound like a total baby for complaining about this, but seriously? Not only did someone steal my pop (yes, I say pop not soda), but the act seems deceivingly deliberate! The fact that I came back and it was gone. . .that is rather fishy.

I have a suspicion of who took it, and a few minutes ago I heard a can open from her office (coincidence?). . .

I know this happens to people in the workplace all the time, but this is my first, so let me be a baby about it. Thanks.




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