Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ciao Bella!

I got to work this morning only to find an email in my inbox by the one and only H-ster. (No, not Howard Stern). H-ster is always filling my inbox with hilarious articles, pictures, songs, videos, etc. Always puts a smile on my face and never lets me down. This morning, her email was a link to an article about the town I studied abroad in: Perugia, Italy! While most of you may know about this town due to the "sex games" played by the one and only Amanda Knox, or Foxy Knoxy as the public knows her.

Nat Geo (where H-ster works) just won an award for an article written about this fabulous little town, appropriately titled "This Weeks Dream: The World's Sexiest Small City." And while the title is completely correct, this article truthfully doesn't do a justice to the Umbrian hillside gem (although I think it gives the city a bit of redemption from the crazy sex murder that may or may not have taken place back in 2007). Reading the article made me want to hop on a plane, rent a car, and drive through this fabulous countryside. It is in the perfect location: central Italy. Just 2 hours by train from both Rome and Florence. AND what better place to relocate yourself for 4 months than the home of the Perugina Chocolates, and a week long Chocolate Festival!

I guess you will all just have to do as the author of the Nat Geo article did, and head on over to Perugia!



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