Friday, March 12, 2010

Let the Games Begin!

I LOVE games. I have been trying to instill "Game Night" with my friends for quite some time now. (I am having a hard time trying to explain why playing charades for 3 hours would be fun...but trust me, it is!). I do, every once in a while, have some success, and have gotten my friends to admit to enjoying the occasional game (most of the time this is drinking enduced, but to make myself feel better, I will pretend they are doing it willingly). Honestly though, what could be more fun than spending some QT with the ones you love, and getting some good game-laughs out of it?! Some of my more succesful attempts at an impromptu "Game Night":

TableTopics are a GREAT game to play with your friends. Not only do they get the conversation started (not that you should have issues coming up with something to talk about with your BFF's), but they come with different themes, and it's fun to improvise the questions on the cards! Design Darling just about read my mind in her post about this great creation! I have the "Girls Night Out" edition. Not so fun for the boys, but that's where creativity comes into play...R, maybe you could get P the "Golf Table Topics To Go!"

And if you're feeling like challenging yourself a bit more, Bananagrams is the greatest game (and easy to travel with---comes in a small banana like pouch!). And if you get bored with just making words, you can mix this up too! 2 vs. 2. Or even come up with themes for the words. (After a fewwww too many margaritas one afternoon, my friends and I may or may not have played "dirty" Bananagrams....I'm just saying...) Go Bananas!

And I can't forget the crowd pleaser...Catch Phrase! This could keep a group entertained for days! (Be careful when travelling with this game...R once forgot to take the batteries out, and it sounded like a bomb was ticking in her joke!)

I wish you all more luck than I have had in convincing my friends to spend hours on end practically sitting on top of each other playing these games. And if you do have luck, please invite me!



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