Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Flirty Fingers

I got a mani / pedi last night and just have to piggy back on C's post a few weeks ago. . .essie's 2009 Neon Collection is where it's AT! I am utterly obsessed with my fingers and toes right now (which is saying a lot because normally I complain that my hands are fat / ugly and that feet are, in general, disgusting).

I went into the nail place last night hoping they'd have essie Short Shorts. Sadly, they did not, so I had to "settle" with Flirty Fuchsia. HA! Settle my bum. I LOVE this color! I love it so much I emailed I picture of my hands to C bright and early this morn (weird, I know) because I just had to share. (I then went on to forward it to my sister L, but that is neither here nor there.)

Now, to be honest, it is really bright. Like, REALLY. A little much, some might say, for March in Chicago. But I figure, I'll be in FL in a mere 2 days (!!) so peeps can calm down and just deal with my flirty fingers until then.



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