Monday, March 22, 2010

catlovers anonymous.

It might appear that R and I have a thing for cats, but we really don't. As a matter of facts, I truly despise cats and everything about them. However, apparently there is a whole world of cat lovers out there (Clearly nobody that I am friends with), that want people to know about their weird fetish for a dog's purring enemy.

EJB works for a fashion brand, and has the pleasure of receiving some of the inquiry emails for said brand. Lucky EJB apparently is a victim of the wrath of this weird cat fetish that people have....Here is the ridiculous email that she was given the honor of reading this morning:

"Prob. a dumb question that no-one has any time for but here goes. The Facebook cat loving community has said they hear that "brand" loves Bengals. Is it True? And is there a picture of him with one? We FB catlovers sometimes amuse ourselves by posting celebrity pics with cats to each other..."

WHAT are these people smoking?! Get a life. And a dog.



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