Monday, March 29, 2010

Why Hello

It was 5:30 a.m. last Friday morning and I was walking through security at the airport, casually checking my work email, making sure I covered everything before taking a week off for a little R&R in FL. Everything seemed to be a-ok until I stumbled upon this email:

Why hello,
I finally remembered to email you about my little problem. i live across the street from your office and a couple of months ago i got my kite stuck in you trees, this happened in October or November, the next day i tried to get my kite, but it was gone. i decided that i would ask you if you have found any purple/blue/yellow kites laying around. if so please tell me. sorry for the tardiness of this letter. it would be great if i could get my kite back, it meant a lot to me. thanks again. ps in the attachments is a really rough sketch of the kite.

(That really is the attachment of the "rough sketch" of the "kite.")

Umm, excuse me, but WHAT?! I can't even comment about this.

I'll let this email sink in with you for a bit.



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