Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mamma C

Due to the fact that I was up for nearly 2 hours in the middle of the night, for no reason at all, I am mentally incapable of writing something remotely witty. That being said, I am going to share an email with you that I wrote 2 days ago (when I felt like I had a few brain cells). I am most certainly the "mom" of our group of friends, and always have been. This email was written in preparation for the girls trip 7 of us are going on next Wednesday to St. Thomas (round 2)!!!! Gotta keep the girls in line, and the information rolling (they'd be lost without me. its true). I'm just glad my mom doesn't write quite as ridiculous emails to me (I may have been slightly delirious at the time). Enjoy:

Hola Bitches!

First things first. 8 DAYS! WAHOO!!!! I seriously cannot wait until we are all together sitting our pale, not so toned bodies on the beach (look out cabana boys!) hahaha!!!

I just wanted to write to everyone with some 411! (Most of you already know the drill, but J and M have yet to experience the glory that is St. Thomas and SB!)

Anyways, this is just another one of my ridiculously detailed "itinerary" emails. M, feel free to print and highlight this one as well!

1. Cell phones DO work down there, but are quite pricey! BBM is still free...sorry EJB!

2. Credit cards-i might suggest calling your credit card companies to tell them youre travelling. When i was there last week I purchased something (bling bling), and they turned my credit card off because of fraud alert (oops...i didnt tell them i was going away). Its another country so its good to prevent it from happening.

3. Money- Most of the bars are cash only, and the cabs are cash only. That being said...the bars are NOT expensive...the cabs ARE. We obviously will only be taking cabs to go out at night, and to the restaurant when we go out to dinner. NY Girls--CC, my moms driver, will be picking us up from the airport on Wednesday. He is going to be $25.00 per person, as his gong to stop at the grocery store and wait for us on the way. M and H-Ster-You will each be $15.00 per person, plus tip!...I would suggest that everyone take money out before leaving...I am going to bring $300.00 in cash (just to be safe!). And we do have a safe with a lock so dont worry about leaving spare or fabulous bling around the condo.

4. Passports- You don't need them, but feel free to bring them if you want.

5. Meals- ML has graciously purchased, marinated and frozen chicken and steak tips for us. That being said, we will have chicken one night for dinner, steak tips another night, and i was thinking we could do TACO NIGHT (with margaritas of course) a third night. Does anyone oppose to this?! And then we can go out to dinner one night! There are a few things that we need to buy ahead of time, and the rest we can get at the store there...M and H-Ster, we will go to the store and you guys can just pay us back! k?! I was thinking cereal for breakfast, to make it easy...and salads or PBJ's for lunch...?! Does anyone have any other requests?! (I'm also thinking I will be sending out a separate email interms of you can't wait for that to appear in your inbox!)

6. Towels- The beach will supply beach towels for us. However, the towels in the condo are tinyyyy and since they all look the same, it is kinda tough to tell whose is whose. Usually when we have a group this big, I ask that everyone bring one bath towel for themselves so that we dont get things confused, etc! (And so nobody ends up drying their body off with the same towel that CMac uses to dry her nunu)

7.NO BLACK-- This is really directed at AW, seeing as EJB and I have come to the conclusion that Ms. W is a bit confused about beach attire. It is spring break. We have been wearing black all winter. Leave it at home. I don't care if its fabulous and makes us all look pale anyways---and you wouldn't want to ruin the pictures, would you?!! Embrace the sun and the heat and rock a fabulous neon or pastel---(annie those bright colors will look fabulous with your gold nails!)! And don't worry, I will bring "extras" from my ridiculously bright summer wardrobe (similar to dewey beach...)

8. Working out- This should have been done in the weeks BEFORE departing for St. Thomas. You are only fooling yourself if you think you are going to wake up at 6 am (the only time it is cool enough to run without dying of heat exhaustion), after being out drinking until 4 am, to go on a run. (see this picture if there is any confusion...and please note the struggle that they seem to be going through. And as a disclaimer, the 3 of them returned to the condo 8 minutes after departing for their run) J---this means you. I know you are preparing for a half marathon, but I truly think that you would be wasting valuable luggage space if you brought your sneakers. I'm just saying... (photo removed, for the sake of R's dignity)

I'm sure I have a few more pressing details to clutter your brains with, but I can't come up with them at the moment. If anyone has any questions, please let me know, and I will attempt to answer them! Forewarning...I am now (and have been for the last month) mentally (and sometimes physically) on vacation, so bare with me as I attempt to dysfunctionally relay information to you ladies!

I CANNOT wait til next week.

Adios Bitches,



Additions and comments were made in response to this email: (I have provided you with my personal input and responses to their comments)

H-ster says:

8. Working out- THANKS FOR THE REMINDER C (We all need a little push sometimes. It's crunch time!--no pun intended)

9. Will G be present next door? (G is a very confused, slightly younger than us boy whose parents own the condo next door. When we did a girls trip senior year, G decided it would be a good idea to show up at our door with a grocery bag of loose Mike's Hard Lemonade's...later (after kindly asking him to come back when we were done with dinner), he peered his head around the partition that separates our porches. He then proceeded to CLIMB over the railing and hop on our side of the porch, and sit down and smoke illicit drugs, while we all just sat and stared. Needless to say, I truly hope G will not be there this time.)

10. Have you made the playlist yet? (working on it)

11. No frowning allowed (duh, frowning is for sissys)

AW says:

7.NO BLACK--FALSE, black makes you look tan! Didn't you see Beyonce in the Single Ladies video?! (While you may be thinking, 'AW, Beyonce is NATURALLY a bit tanner than most,' A is actually kidding. She has just purchased this black Re Collection Bodysuit from the Bop, and wants nothing more than to wear it on this trip with her cutoff JORTS from Jcrew. Unfortunately for her, I will be hiding that package when it comes)

M says:

C, i expect you to take pictures of the clothing that both you and CMac are bringing. please upload to our secret webpage. thanks. (I'm organized, but not THIS organized. Better luck next time, M)

I know, I know. You're either thinking, 'C, you're the best!' or 'C, take it easy.' But then again, I guess R is right, We're All Neurotic!



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