Monday, March 15, 2010

holy depression

Your typical hungover, rainy Sunday afternoon (SSS as CMac calls it), and what do my friends and I do?! Head to the nearest movie theater to see the newest love story playing. After an especially drowning weekend (seriously haven't seen that much rain in a LONG time), we chose to see what some of the group thought would be a happy love story, 'Remember Me' with the ever so sexy Robert Pattinson! Those who were under that impression had clearly been steered in the wrong direction. Lucky for me, R told me about the end of the movie thanks to the spoiler she read online. And let me tell you...its a GOOD thing she did, otherwise I would have crawled into the lap of my roomie, A, and cried into her sweatshirt (I may or may not have done this anyways). Bottom line-with the exception of a few steamy sex scenes (R Patz sans shirt certainly puts a smile on my face), and Pierce Brosnan strutting his stuff in some white linen pants, the movie was not quit the happy love story that we needed to pep us up on a depressing Sunday afternoon! I cried like a baby....then headed to the nearest bar for a much needed drink.

If you still plan on seeing it, don't forget your box of tissues!



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