Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Everyone has flaws.

Ok, so as we all know, I am a huge Shopbop shopper. There are times, however, I question Shopbop's buyers. See examples below.

Like this Long Denim Floral Skirt by Kettle Black. C, do I recall you telling me you asked ML to put this in your Easter basket?

Eugenia Kim's Serena Denim Bow Headband. No. Though I do picture C-Mac trying to pull this look off (and quite possibly succeeding).

Most practical jacket ever? Yes.


Sorry Rebecca Minkoff, but I think I'll pass on the leopard jeans. (HLR might disagree. . .)

Hmm. . .Lace Knickers.

These remind me of the platform RocketDog flip flops I wanted in 6th grade. . .pretty nast.

I still don't get these.

There are soo many more fugly things, but I will spare you. . .for now.



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