Tuesday, April 13, 2010

C-Mac: "I feel like a beatle from Chile"

My gchat conversation with C-Mac today.

C-Mac: hey

C-Mac: so

me: hi

C-Mac: i was watching "life" last night, you know the show on discovery channel. oprah's the narrator

me: yeah

C-Mac: im going to call you tonight to tell you a funny story

about the beatles in patagonia chile

(C-Mac has spelling issues, bear with her. Beatles = beetles)

and intercourse

im laughing outloud right now

me: FYI you got me excited about a story i thought you were going to tell me right now.

C-Mac: I feel like a beatle from chile

me: ok. . .

C-Mac: well basically there are these male beatles

and the bigger the claw on the beatle the better chance they have of banging a female beatle

me: and you think you're a beatle because...

C-Mac: aka the bigger the penis (humans) anyways

(still not following, but continue to listen, because with C-Mac, a story can take a sudden turn at any point with no warning at all.)

C-Mac: so the female beatle sits at the top of a 100 foot tree waiting for the beatle with the biggest clawl to mate with her

soooo these male beatles are competing for the female beatle and by competing they fight with other males and then whoever wins FLINGS the loser male beatle off the tree

this continues and multiple beatles are being flung

wellll finally the "king" beatle with the biggest "claw" reaches the female beatle at the top of the tree and starts to "mount" the female beatle

me: oh no. . .

C-Mac: after "fooling around" the king male beatle picks up the female and FLINGS HER OFF THE 100 FOOT tree


C-Mac: Sooo I've decided I was once a beatle from patagonia chile and I get "flung" off 100 foot trees whenever I have one of my New York nights!

C-Mac: they "make love" and the male beatle reiterates his feelings by flinging the female over his shoulder and off the tree.

Just wanted to give you a little glimpse into the exciting love life of C-Mac. . .



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  1. 1- Carter should NOT be watching my competitor channel.

    2- I went to a presentation at the National Zoo for Valentine's day called "Woo at the Zoo" and it was all about animal sex. I heard about these beetles.

    3-Spiders have crazier sex.