Monday, April 19, 2010

busy week!

This week is a busyyy one! Tonight I'm headed to Ben Folds at The Vic, Wednesday to Big Star (round 2!) for tacos and margs with a friend, Thursday night is Passion Pit (WOOP) and Saturday is our first kickball game of the season! Sooo pumped for my packed agenda this week, though I know tomorrow, Thursday and Friday might be a little rough at the office. . .

Ben Folds came to our college freshman year. I obviously knew some Ben Folds and Ben Folds Five songs, but I was not prepared for the dweeb that took the stage. . .ha! Ben has some awesome songs so I was totally expecting a rocker-esque guy. . .not the little nerd on his piano.

But he was great - obvs - so I am really excited to see him (and his nerdiness) again.

Passion Pit. I don't even know where to begin.

Or where to end. I have been excited about this concert for months. I will be belting out every word to every song (sorry in advance to P for embarassing him the entire night).

As for kickball, I'll be sure to update you on our season stats!! Ha.



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