Friday, April 16, 2010

I just have to share.

Our kitchen has a window that looks into the bedroom of the apartment building next door. E and I don't really look out this window that much - but one time E was looking out the window and locked eyes with the girl next door. AWK! She totally thought E was a peeper.

Well. There was another encounter (of some sorts) last night. I was standing in the kitchena and right as I looked out the window (not on purpose!), the girl BENDS OVER with NO UNDERWEAR ON! Legit, I think I saw her butthole.


Seriously though, if you know your window looks into another apartment, whyyy wouldn't you keep your shades down - especially if you're changing!

I'm scarred for life.



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  1. The windows in the common area of my and N's apartment look into the kitchen of our neighbor's apt. They've def seen me skip to the bathroom sans towel. They're usually doing the dishes and stare straight down but sometimes we lock eyes and it's AWK. They're like 4 feet away from the window I want to reach out and grab 'em and say hello.