Friday, April 30, 2010

Stumbled Upon...

For those of you that know HLR (or have read my previous "stumbled upon" about her), you know that she LOVES her some leopard print. Seriously. This girl has a wild side (comes out occasionally post-college...and i fully intend upon pulling that side out of her this weekend), and her leopard print fetish definitely represents the HLR that we all know and love!

Just a few things I stumbled upon while helping C-Mac look for a new bag on the bop!
This Felix Ray Leopard Mesh Key Pouch is SOOOO HLR (pink and leopard!)

Same goes for this Alexander WANG (shout out to R)'s Leopard Diego Bucket Bag!

And nothing like a little HLR-esque footwear! A. Wang's Isabeli Haircalf Pointed Mules would totes just complete an outfit for HLR. Perhaps you could wear all of these things with the Rebecca Minkoff Leopard Jeans that R suggested you purchase!?! (On a more serious note, I DID see a pic of Rihanna wearing these shoes, so you should probs get them).

HLR is currently en route to see yours truly. I really hope she comes off the bolt bus rocking something that represents her wild side.



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