Tuesday, April 27, 2010

stumbled upon....

SO. We have a BIG weekend coming up. Finally the reunion of C&R (among many others, as R has already informed you)! The only dilemma with this coming weekend (besides the fact that no restaurant in NYC wants to seat 8 girls at 8:30 on a Friday night....gee I wonder why?!), is that R and I have NOTHING to wear! Yes, this may be one of those "closet full of clothes and nothing to wear" situations, but honestly we only see each other so often, we might as well buy a new outfit for the occassion, right?!

While browsing the web, I came across this Tangier Frame Cora Dress in Shamrock and immediately thought of R! Perhaps an alternative to you going to C-Mac's b-day bash in YOUR b-day suit....?

BTW-please take note that this dress (in shamrock), is $248.00. If you purchase it in guava it is only $246.00. WTF is that about?!



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