Wednesday, April 14, 2010


From the age of about 10 until 21, I wanted to be Katie Couric.

Let's clarify: the Today Show Katie Couric.

Not the CBS Evening News Katie (no offense).

The difference? The TODAY SHOW of course!! I am beyond obsessed with the Today Show. Watched it every morning before school Middle School through Upper School, and then whenever I could in college (but let's face it, that didn't happen often). I went through a phase (is 11 years considered a "phase"?) where I legit thought I would one day become Katie Couric's co-anchor. Ohhh life. May 31, 2006 was a sad, sad day (the day she left Today). Even without KC, I am still obsessed. These days, I consider myself lucky if I am running 5 minutes late trying to get out the door at 7 a.m. for work - because in those precious 5 minutes I get to watch the headlines. Nothing gets my day to a great start better than hearing ". . .this is Today with Matt Lauer and Meredith Viera." I swear if I didn't have to leave for work at 7, and instead could leave at 8, I totes would still get up early so I could make a cup of coffee (slash walk to Starbucks), sit on my couch and enjoy the wonderfulness that is Matt, Al, Meredith, Ann and Natalie. What a group.

Love it.

Anywho! One amazing aspect of the Today Show is their Summer Concert Series and they revealed it today! Good thanggg my company is BOMB and I get Summer Fridays. . .

May 14 - Sting (seen The Police in concert - Sting is a hottieeee)

May 21 - The Script ("Breakeven" - great jam - definitely a campus loop song. . . take note, C)

May 28 - American Idol winner and runner-up (will ML be there?)

June 4 - Justin Bieber (I used the term "Bieber Fever" in a conversation with P on Monday night. . .he is still confused)

June 8 - Christina Aguilera

June 11 - Rascal Flatts

June 18 - James Taylor and Carole King (James Taylor = first love)

June 25 - Maxwell

July 2 - Maroon 5

July 9 - Lady Gaga (Enough said.)

July 16 - Enrique Iglesias

July 23 - John Mayer (I like.)

July 30 - Carrie Underwood

August 6 - Train

August 13 - Ke$ha (I like your beard.)

August 20 - Keith Urban

August 27 - Katy Perry

HOT line-up!



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