Wednesday, April 14, 2010

America's Mom Idol

I just got back to my desk from an impromptu trip to JCrew with CMac, and the latest Daily Candy dedicated email had popped into my inbox. The email, titled "America's Mom Idol" really stood out at me. Not only do I LOVE American Idol, but I love my mom too! Usually I delete these emails, but when I read that the winning mom gets a trip to the American Idol finale, I knew I could spare a few extra minutes of my life to fill out the questionaire. ML loves American Idol more than I do! So this contest seems only appropriate for her to be entered in.

The reason I gave as to why ML is deserving: (this is SOOOOOO cheesy so bare with me, but for those of you who know her, you know that I'm so right, and she totally deserves this---even if you aren't an AI fan!).

My mom, ML, is not only MY idol, but she is the idol to everyone around her. Other moms wish that they had it in them to accomplish the tasks she takes on. Every time I turn around, she is volunteering on another committee, or spearing another fundraiser in the head. She does all of these things while managing to have a career, and 3 children. She is truly a Super Mom, and is the most deserving person I know to win the Mom Idol competition!

I will be voting every day until they announce the winner. Please don't enter your moms. It wouldn't be worth it-ML is in a whole different ballpark people...and you wouldn't want to get your mom's hopes up!



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