Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So HLR just informed me that I NEED to see the DailyCandy email that went out this AM, titled "The Cure for the Common Run"--so naturally I immediately went to my inbox, only to find the most ridiculous thing ever...Kangoo Jumps. These things are outrageous. And the worst part is, that with the plethora of nut jobs in NYC, I can totally see people buying them (just like people bought those stupid Shape-Ups---and I still giggle every time I see someone wearing those---you look like a fool).

HLR, being the sucker for new products that she is, has informed me that shes TOTES getting them....HLR, is that you in the hot pink at the Kangoo Jumps demonstration at the 2009 Fitness Conference in DC???????



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  1. I rode the elevator at the gym yesterday with a woman who had these on her feet. She acted like it ain't no thang she's got funky shoes.