Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I kind of liked Gia. . .

Welp. Last night's Bachelor was such a yawn-fest. Seriously. No scandalous scenes at all - unless you count Vienna changing into a nightie and closing the bedroom door as she (unsuccessfully) looks at the camera sexily and Tenley deciding she is over her ex (yeah right) and is ready for the Fantasy Suite with Jake. But I don't count those because neither was surprising - of course Vienna was going to bang Jake and Tenley was going to give it up (again) because she's in competition with the big V and a swimsuit model (Gia).

So, Gia got booted (not surprising), but I kinda was just starting to like her. In the beginning of the show, I was a huge Ali and Tenley fan. As we all know, Ali left Jake to go back to her job at Facebook. As for Tenley, her weird and extremely awkward dance for Jake last week that legit made me cover my eyes was the final straw with her. I think she's a cute girl, but ohhhh man, that was unbearable to watch, and therefore Tenley went down a significant amount in my book.

I have a theory - Ali is totes the next Bachelorette. Why would they have her call Jake last night to come back if his answer was going to be no? It's definitely because they want to keep Ali on people's minds for when The Bachelorette season comes around - she's totally the fan favorite. I am actually really glad that Ali left because Jake is soooOOOooo boring. You know what, I hope the internet rumors are true and he really does pick Vienna. Jake kind of sucks.



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