Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stars & Headdresses.

In college, our friends loved to put on some "flare" to go out. Extremely weird, but our favorite thing was to put little star stickers on the side of one of our eyes and wear star garland as headdresses. (Wow, putting our "look" into writing makes us sound like freaks. . .I swear we were cool.)

What started out as a random accessory to a theme party turned into a full-blown uniform for going out. And the trend stuck! I am proud to say that when I look at Facebook pics of my younger friends who are still at our Midwest college, they are STILL rocking the look! Apparently, we're trendsetters. I also have to admit that when 10 of us got together for New Years in DC this year, we donned our best headdresses and stars for the big night. . .

Speaking of flare - I love this website - fredflare.com. They have funky and weird accessories that are just great (and as crazy as they are, I've contemplated buying a few items). Look at these PB&J earrings! I would never wear them (ever.) but they are kinda cute!

On the other hand, I actually would wear these Mini Elephant Earrings. Adorbs!

I get a kick out of these every time. Bahaha.

Who needs a new pair of fingerless gloves?

And finally, this one's for you, C.



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