Friday, February 26, 2010


R's post about that lovely book from Urban, which reiterates the fact that we're all a little nuts, reminded me of a book I heard about while on vacation last week! I was pouring myself a bowl of cereal when i heard one of my cousins relentlessly laughing. What could be so funny, so early in the morning? I glanced over to the TV, and instantly I was hooked. It was the Rachel Ray Show, and Dr. Anish Sheth was on, promoting the book he co-authored, "What's My Pee Telling Me?," a sequel to "What's Your Poo Telling You?."

At age 23, you would think I wouldn't be so excited to watch a segment on TV about urine, but nevertheless, I was. Naturally, once I got back to the office from my week escape, I googled the book (in addition to cluttering my 14 year old cousin's facebook wall with quotes from the show---real mature, I know). My Google search brought me to the books' website appropriate, right!? After perusing the site, I truly might by both books in the collection. Not only is the information interesting, but they're presented in a hilarious manner, and accompanied by some equally humorous pictures and captions.

A few excerpts from the books' website....

-"Too often dismissed as useless and malodorous waste, poo has struggle since the dawn of time to receive the respect it deserves." DUH.

-"By far the most famous of pee fragrances is asparagus aroma. This foul, eggy odor results from the release of sulfur-containing compounds during asparagus digestion." Ahhhh so THAT'S what that comes from....

-"Driblets: If you're a frequent flusher with fruity-smelling urine, you may want to get tested for diabetes."

-"Vitamin Water: When you experience Vitamin Water pee, you may start to wonder if your diet has included antifreeze or highlighter ink." ....there are some people that I would actually question as to whether or not they did indeed consume these items on purpose, to make their pee turn colors.

-"Poo-nami: Diaper technology has improved over the decades, but there has yet to come an innovation that can suppress the Poo-nami. While most baby poos can be contained by a diaper, there are instances when nothing can stop to poo from exploding beyond the confines of a diaper, up the baby's back, and down his or her legs. Dealing with the Poo-namis is just one of the many challenges of parenthood." WOOF.

"Crop Dusting: Crop Dusting is executed by precisely synchronizing fatal release with a brisk walk in the vicinity of a group of unsuspecting, distracted individuals, there-by leaving the abhorrent aroma in your wake." I know far too many jerks that have mastered this act. Assholes.

I will stop here so that you all go buy the books too! (or at least check out the website!). Watch the vid on the Rachel Ray website! The most important thing I took away from it is that your pee should be the color of pale lemonade! (Seriously, I have thought about that every single time I have urinated since February 17th. Really gives ya something to think about!).



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