Tuesday, February 9, 2010

on the wings of....bullshit.

Something about this season of The Bachelor has really gotten to me. Don't get me wrong, I love me some reality TV, but this show is beyond unrealistic, and way more out there than the previous 13 seasons. (Can you believe this show has honestly been on for that long!?) Last night I went to a friends apt to watch the drama-filled episode. Much to my dismay, I was informed that the episodes were 2 hours long. Clearly I had been spending my Monday nights watching American Idol, and watching The Bachelor on DVR.

I am not usually a huge sceptic when it comes to shows about love (ie; I am a hopeless romantic), but this show, is complete and utter bullshit. That's right, bullshit. There is nothing about this show that makes sense, except maybe for the fact that Jake is a pilot. I'll buy that one.

I mean, SERIOUSLY. I found myself mocking 90% of the diologue, and 100% of the clothing on Vienna (I hope she watched the rose ceremony and realized she should NEVER wear that rouched purple dress again. As a matter of facts, I hope she burned it after last nights episode).

REWIND...and to the beginning for a bit of a reality check.

- Gia. SO cute. I love her. But I just about fell off the couch when her mother started talking. And then when they panned over to her "Pauly D" wannabe brother. And then again when the mom took Gia outside to talk to her about how she really could tell that Jake loved her...she saw it in him...in his body language. Right then and there I blurted out that the mom MUST be a psychic or tarot card reader...and nevertheless....in the clips at the end of the show, she is. And Jake totally called her bluff. See ya mamma Gia. There goes your career.

- Ali. Even more adorable that Gia. (In an "I don't have plastic surgery or pose nude" sort of way). But I really just didn't understand the whole taking her to her deceased grandmother's house. Kinda morbid if you ask me. The rest of that hometown visit was relatively realistic. Except, I'm almost wondering if Ali is adopted. She looks NOTHING like her siblings. I would be jealous if I was her sis. Again, maybe thats just me. Regardless, she is absolutely who I wanted to win...
- Tenley. This is where I got REALLY uncomfortable. For starters, I thought her voice was fake. But then it continued. And then to make matters worse, She took Jake to her dance studio. Not just to show the studio to her, but to perform. Just for him. Horrible second hand embarassment. I had goosebumps, and not the good kind. It was like watching a car crash.

- Vienna. I.HATE.HER. (This is the picture I really wanted to use for her, just to further express my hatred for her. I thought I would try and keep it PG). I am sure that my feeling is mutual amongst all viewers across America. All except for Jake apparently. CLEARLY he is out of his element with her. She is a train wreck. I mean, come ON Jake! She ran away from home and got married, just to piss off her dad. Do you really want to be with someone like that?! Oh, and the little hooker is only 23. 23 years old, divorced, and on The Bachelor. Way to go Vienna.

- Now back to the Ali. This may have been the most unrealistic portion of the entire show. So, you sign up to be a contestant on The Bachelor. You know how long the season lasts. You make it through to the last few rounds of the show. Oh, AND you are "in love" with Jake. What in your right mind would stop you from arranging things with your office, so that you could stay on the show? It's not like she went on vacation and met the guy! SHE SIGNED UP FOR THIS! This just completely baffles me. I truly do not understand what went on here. Publicity stunt? Did Chris Harrison make Ali do this? Was it all about the money? The ratings? (I definitely continued watching when I heard that Ali was going to leave).

I could go on and on and on over the way I feel about this show. And to be completely honest, I am going to continue watching it, just so that I can be more and more irritated with the decisions that Jake makes in upcoming episodes. All I have to say is that the spoilers better not be right. Oh, and I can't WAIT til Ali calls Jake in the next episode. What, does she want to come back? Sorry!

I'll be sure to let you know what I think after next Monday's episode.



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