Friday, May 14, 2010

Turtle Time!

I hope you all got to enjoy the comic relief that was Real Housewives of New York City last night.

Not only was it unbelievably ridiculous to watch these women practically rip each others heads of (or just Kelly try and rip Bethanny's head off), but they got completely hopped up on Pinot Grigiot and hung out on a Hooters boat (The Countess would have not partaken in this if she had attended the "bachelorette weekend"). So much entertainment in just one hour.

The best part of the show was that nobody really knew WHERE they were on vacation. From the first scene of the show they talk about their girls trip to St. John....Fast forward to them landing. Bethanny discusses them landing on St. John. NEWSFLASH. There is no airport on St. John. You landed on St. Thomas my friend. (Sorry, just had to vent).

Regardless of the fact that they thought they were on a completely different island, AW and I couldn't stop smiling, because we knew EXACTLY where they were! Their boat was docked the entire episode in Yacht Haven Grande on St. Thomas. And you got it, we went there on OUR girls trip a few months ago!!! (I don't know what it is about seeing celebrities in places that you have been, but I really do get a kick out of it!)

Fast forward again to "TURTLE TIME!!" Immediately AW and I look at each other. OH.MY.GOD. They are NOT. Oh wait...YES, they ARE! They decide to go out The Fat Turtle.

AW and I are now DYING laughing. Not only is this the most random bar ever (as in I've been going to St. Thomas for over 10 years, and just this past trip discovered it), but it is where all the young, drunk Spring Breakers go (those same people we were "pretending" to be back in March).

Question: What is the difference between these two pictures?


and 2.....

Answer: About 20 years, and Millions of dollars.

That's right. As H-Ster put it, "F that, we're not even housewives"....yup. And as EJB put it..."Suck it Cougars."

Guess their lives aren't all that out of the ordinary afterall...or did we already know that?



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