Tuesday, May 18, 2010

GG gave me a heart attack...

Mondays suck. I honestly think there isn't much worse than having a great weekend with your friends, and then having to wake up on Monday morning and drag your morally hungover ass out of bed and go to work. Then, I remember that I have something to look forward to: Gossip Girl! (Unfortunately, with last nights episode being the season finale, I may have to resort to becoming severely depressed on Monday's from now until the leaves start changing colors again, and go all Jenny Humphrey goth on your asses---but that's just between you and me).

Per usual, I received a multitude of text message between the hours of 9 and 10 pm EST. Unfortunately, I did not start watching the show until 9:30, and was verging on livid with the text messages I was receiving. As I'm watching Blair convince Dorota to escort her on her date, I received the following:

HHS: "Omggggg omggggg gossip girl!"
C: "I'm behind! Ahhhh!"
HHS: "Holy shit ahh the season finale I almost cried."
"Ahhhh you're going to die!"
"Hahahahahhahhahah I'm dying"
C: "Stoppppp!"
HHS: "Fghjkfdhsjkfhs." "Umm WOW"

Thank you, HHS, for giving me a borderline heart attack from the anxiety that was building up inside me.

H-ster: "Nate Archibald makes monday worth it"
C: "So right"
H-ster: "Humphrey packs a weak punch"
C: "Damnit! I'm behind!"

At least H-ster stopped when I told her to...and so glad she's on the same page as me with Monday's taking a turn for the best when Gossip Girl turns on.

C: "Ahhh I'm 15 mionutes behind!!!!!!!"
HLR: "Ahhhhhhhhjksdakldjaskdsakljdask"
"Oh. My. Fucking. God."

She too stopped when I asked her to.

EJB: "I bet lil J gets preggers"

So right. And thank you for not spoiling the show for me. Although, EJB has spoiled enough endings to stories/movies/tv shows, that she has learned not to anymore. Maybe HHS should take some tips from her??

...or maybe I should just watch GG at the proper time?

I'll keep that in mind for next fall.



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