Thursday, May 27, 2010

Stumbled Upon...

R, I just stumbled upon these two items and they TOTES reminded me of you. I can just picture you moving this weekend wearing one of these items....SOOOO cute!

This Nightcap Clothing Flamingo Skirt just screams, "R" to me! It might be a bit difficult to maneuver in. Perhaps you can save it for a night out on the town when I come to visit with C-Mac?! I know how you love it when your inner tree-hugger comes out! Will look SOOOOO good with some gold jacks!

This Haute Hippie Fringe Tank Dress might be a bit easier to move in...ya know, you won't have to worry about tripping on your tail that way....

HAHA. SIKE. But are these? So impractical, and quite frankly, ugly. What were you thinking, Shopbop?! R, I'm not coming to visit anymore if I find out you are going to be wearing one of these...and I'm serious.



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